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A geographical revelation


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Not sure why I thought to do this tonight, but I decided to see how long of a drive it is to New York City and also to Montreal. Found out that from my house it's almost exactly the same length of trip (6h35mins vs 6h38mins).

Driving to NYC to get a tattoo is something I definitely want to do someday, but it has always seemed so far away - I really thought it was more like an 8.5hr drive. Montreal, on the other hand, I've driven to several times (mostly for hockey games) and would definitely do again.

I have the feeling that this knowledge is going to cost me money in the coming months/years.

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Hahahahaha. Best of luck to you, good sir.

I don't know what route you would take, but the I-87 through Upstate New York is a really beautiful and easy drive. It takes 7-8 hours for me to drive to NYC from Montreal and I've done that drive enough that it goes by pretty quickly. Realising that it really isn't a big deal to get there was really great not just in terms of getting tattooed, but also just in terms of realising that going to NYC can be a weekend trip. I feel that people here tend to think of it as being so far away, but it really isn't. And yeah, considering how many AMAZING tattooers are there, you'd be foolish to not go.

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