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The Art of Distress


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I remember when nickel plating and triple chrome were the way to go......tattoo machines were like the Tin mans hand...

Then, as years went on....it became KOOL to have one that looked like it was found in a time capsule..."vintage" ...sorta grimey...

Hell, the new electric pen movement has most machines looking like plastic toys....but those Neo things aren't really an issue...who cares.

I guess I looked at my machines in a way that combined some style and some aesthetics ......but I always lean toward the ability to CLEAN and disinfect the machine regularly.........these are wild times after all....

When did the machine kinda become the "Abercrombie & Fitch" of tools....? You know those jeans that are a bit over priced and come " pre distressed" with the KOOL knee holes and rips pre cut in.............most of us wouldn't wear those, yet the same aesthetic is applied to some of our tools......

Doesn't matter either way really....just an observation...."

So... Do you like yours pre distressed...or minty fresh...?

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At first I thought that a-bar looked like a Hibbard, then I realized he does them COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY!

Someday soon I hope. I actually follow Micah on the Instagram, he makes great stuff.

Word! The beveling is such a great idea. I won't go into specifics, but it is noticeable to me in terms of how the needle moves. I think a few people are also doing this with their machines, but I also really like that welded nail between the spring shelf and the base of the frame, makes it a lot easier on the joints to work with a heavier machine like that.

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