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New Guy in the middle east!


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Hi everyone!

I am currently in the UK where I am from, getting some new ink done, but have been living in the UAE for 2 years.

It's certainly an interesting experience having tattoos and living in the middle east :cool:

I'm a big fan of traditional Japanese tattooing, I prefer the more simplistic designs than the the modern style. No better tattoos than well done simple Japanese designs in my opinion but I cant appreciate any kind of cool art.

Anyway that's me.

Here is what I am getting done at the moment, my outer thigh started.

'Tsuru Kame'

3 hours in line work finished and a small part shaded. Will eventually extend to a full leg with another auspicious animal, maybe a Kirin.


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I was due to be in Dubai in January, but it doesn't look like that will happen now. Out of curiosity, how do the locals react to heavy tattoo coverage? I was planning on covering up, which rarely has a downside.

In general, not a problem, most people are curious and will give you a thumbs up. I have had a few people touch my tattoos without warning which is something you might have to be aware of.

Emirati people are cool and friendly, but there are some more traditional people who have never seen a Caucasian person before, let alone one with tattoos.

I prefer to cover up in the airport, but out and about in malls ect, its no big deal to have some ink showing as long as it's not offensive.

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