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long-time london lurker


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Hello everyone!

Been lurking around this site for a while now, I'd say about a year, and it's been an invaluable resource and given me a lot of tips. Thought it was time to finally give a little back :)

So far I've only got one half sleeve, done by Lee Knight at Frith Street. Absolutely blown away with how it came out, not sure whether the "latest tattoo" thread is the most appropriate place for pics?

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Okey dokey I will probably post in that thread eventually, would it be polite to wait until Lee gets it shot for his portfolio rather than sticking my own shots up?

I'm actually thinking of getting my legs done next, since I wear trousers 99% of the time and it wouldn't affect any employment opportunities, I can just fill them up and really explore what I like. Was thinking of getting a peacock (much like the one that was a tattoo of the month on this very site!) on my left thigh :)

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