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Hello from the Pacific Northwest


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I've been lurking here for a while and finally decided to jump into some of the action. I just started getting tattooed again after quite a long break. Got my first tattoo at 18 out of a friend of a friend's house. Ha! We'll it didn't turn out bad, just crappy placement. Poor thing was stretched to the max when I was pregnant with my son. No more tats on the tummy for me for a while!

Now I am in my thirties and I've finally decided to get some serious tattoo work done. I love black and gray and I'm a huge fan of horror and dark fantasy (major bookworm here) so I stopped by a few shops pitching some vampire/demon themed stuff and met an artist as excited about it all as me. I'm having a blast pitching ideas around with him and sitting down to get some of the work done. I'm just kind of doing this a chunk at a time rather than planning the whole leg in advance, I am having more fun that way.

Anyway, I just had a 5 hour sitting last weekend and now I'm in that peeling/itchy phase. For me that's the worst! To manage it I've been distracting myself with your lovely forum. Super informative! You guys are rough though, so no way am I posting a pic of my poor deformed tiger of ages past lol. I did upload a few snapshots of my leg though, for those curious.

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