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  1. Bird on a rose Falcon by Ron Henry Wells Tattoo Picture | Last Sparrow Tattoo @Tornado6 I found it to be a very easy spot. Little pain, quick healing process.
  2. Saw this article on Brad Stevens instagram and my eyes just about rolled out of my head. Based on fucking nothing!! But it does show she knows jack shit tattoos or tattoo culture and is a self-victimizing idiot. No good deed goes unpunished I guess. Try to look out for people by steering them away from bad tattoo decisions and you get publicly defamed.
  3. Ooh me! Been waiting for so long for it to come out for PC. I don't have any consoles (except an N64, haha). Umm is it a spoiler if I name a main character? If so don't read this: I just got to the first Trevor section and he is my favorite character by a mile.
  4. No suggestions, just wanted to say how much I adore your arm. Looks so good.
  5. RHW bicep club represent! Haha. It's quite tricky to take a photo of my own bicep but here's my fox: I'm trying to plan my 3rd arm tattoo around this and my bird and it's been a challenge. I sometimes wish I'd thought ahead a little more with the placement but I'm sure the tattoo artist I choose will able to come up with something.
  6. I flew across the country twice for my thigh tattoo. Both times I was pretty wiped out the day of the appointment, kept it low key that evening, but the next day I was good to walk around and sight-see and such. And I'm not so tough :) so I'm sure you'll be fine!!
  7. @beez Absolutely incredible!! You must be so stoked with it!!
  8. The internet is kind of a shitty place to find tattoo design references. I would recommending buying some tattoo books instead, and then consulting a tattoo artist when you have an idea of what you want. Check out the "Tattoo Designs, Books and Flash" subform here. Here's a recent thread that might be helpful: http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/tattoo-designs-books-flash/5944-post-your-book-collection.html
  9. Welcome. Your arm is looking awesome. It's so great when you find a tattoo artist you really click with.
  10. @Tuchaka I wouldn't hesitate talk to call up your tattoo artist before your appointment and see what s/he thinks about both the prescribed product and the condition itself. EDIT: Just read your first post again and saw you already did that. D'oh! Also for anyone who has had a reaction to a certain color before, bring it up to your future tattoo artists as well. I have 3 tattoos with red in them but I've only had a reaction with the first one, different ink will have different ingredients and your tattoo artist can work with you to avoid the issue in the future.
  11. At one point I found out the gynecologist I have been going to for years had not one, but TWO 3/4 sleeves! Blew my mind and made me adore her even more (she's the best doctor I've ever had). A lot of the ladies at my job have small tattoos like love-in-an-infinity-sign and that sort of thing. It's still exciting to talk to them about their tattoo plans even if we are drawn to different styles. Several of our male software developers are heavily tattooed with rad stuff. I'm lucky in that everyone at work has been really supportive of me taking off work to get tattoos and are excited to see what I come back with.
  12. @Breakme I know exactly what you mean, I felt the same way when the front of my thigh was finished. Your tattoos make me one to start on the other one like, right now.
  13. graybones


    Mine is @graybones, nothing too exciting but follow if you want! I recently started following @yellowbeakpress, they post a lot of interesting vintage or vintage-style tattoo photos and flash. Completely unrelated to tattoos, but my all-time favorite IG account is @usinterior. It's the US Department of the Interior's official account and they regularly post gorgeous photos of US national parks. If you like nature stuff and aren't following them you're messing up!!
  14. Excellent choice, his panther morphs are great. He posted one on IG a couple months ago and I couldn't stop looking at it. But really whatever you go with you'll get a great tattoo from him.
  15. Thank you!! I'm honored and excited to wear my LST shirt! :D
  16. Your arm looks great, @sophistre. Really nice balance between tattooed space and white space, the scale of each tattoo is perfect.
  17. Check out this thread, I got some advice on this topic in there awhile back that was really helpful: http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/853-hardest-artist-book.html
  18. @TrixieFaux Your arms are the best. Almost makes me wish I'd gone with all black and gray!
  19. Aww, this got me right in the heart. So sweet. Great read, @Pugilist.
  20. @suburbanxcore Congrats on starting such a cool tattoo. Can't wait to see it!
  21. Thanks! I'm glad he's back to posting again, hopefully he's about to put a bunch of cool stuff up. Thanks @AverageJer!
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