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Never surrender your search ..that's why I'm here


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Good morning LST nation,

My friends call me Tank-

Maybe we have more in common than just the ink on our bodies? You might be looking at the title and wondering what search? The only way I know how to explain is to give you my story...no worries it's short.

I lived in two completely different lives for 20 plus years. ..corporate life and reality. Very soon I'll be leaving the corporate world to live in my belief a more fulfilling life. To me reality is a passion to willingly and diligently pursue happiness. We all measure happiness thru a different lens. We also all triumph or give in to life's challenges and many of us commemorate that with ink. Although my first tattoo represents my heritage, it's worn and the work...well I'll let you decided.

To commemorate my new lease on life I'd like any suggestions on a cover up. I do love riding my Harley and hope to add an eagle, skulls, H-D

logo and the United States flag could be used.

I'll be posting a picture soon. Thanks for the hospitality.

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This is ONLY my personal opinion and before expressing it I realize that some people will disagree. So please keep that in mind. The eagle, skulls, HD logo and the flag are all part of a style referred to as Americana or American Traditional. Of all of the Americana tattoos I have seen, the more things incorporated into a single design, the more overdone it seems to be. Again, only my personal opinion. And like I said, many will not agree with me on that. I just happen to think that Americana looks much better when kept simple. The thing is, even though your current tattoo is "worn" as you say, there is still a strong possibility that it could be a quality tattoo. If you show it to us, we can all offer opinions on that. But ultimately, you are the person who has to live with the tattoo, and if you don't like it you don't like it. But if it is quality work, then there is the option of another quality artist touching it up for you. Sometimes if you liked something enough to get it in the first place, then you might like it enough to keep it if it were touched up a bit. But as far as the cover-up goes, the best person to ask for advice is the artist who will be doing it. I would be sure to go to someone who is experienced at doing cover-ups, and ask to see their portfolio if they have one. Sometimes it's best to take different elements you like and break them up into more than one design. Sometimes these elements work well together, and if you go to a competent professional artist, they will have a good instinct as to how to design a piece that you will be happy with. It's not always best to just go to an artist who will just do whatever you want instead of sharing their ideas with you. Either way, good luck and welcome!

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