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Shop recommendation for Ottawa, Canada area


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So my sister is in Ottawa for a few weeks for work and is looking to get a tattoo while she's there (she lives in Vancouver). She asked me if I knew of any good places - which I don't off the top of my head. She's willing to drive as far as Montreal if need be; so I've already recommended MTL Tattoo.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for Ottawa itself, or reasonably close? @Graeme or @Pugilist, anywhere else I should say in Montreal?


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Joel Conroy at Barnstormer in Ottawa does nice work, but I don't really know of any other shops in Ottawa aside from that.

Eilo and both of the Nicks at MTL Tattoo do really nice tattoos, but I'm not crazy about the rest of the work coming out of that shop. I'd recommend Tattoomania. Everybody there puts on really good tattoos, between the different artists at the shop they can do pretty much any style, and it's just a really nice, friendly, warm shop. PSC Tattoo is a great shop...Dave Cummings books out really far in advance but I think it's possible to get tattooed by Will or Arno on fairly short notice and they're both great. Imago is another good shop. I've seen a few tattoos that Nat who works there has done and they're pretty amazing. Hope that helps a bit.

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