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Hope everyone is well and happy. I'm new here, hi!


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My name is Charlie

I tattoo in the UK, been going for a couple of years now, so relatively new to the tattoo scene with still so much to learn.

Not judgemental, just here for a good time and to see whats going on out there/possibly meet some new people!

Looking to travel a bit towards the end of this year/start of next year.

I use instagram at the moment for a lot of my work (username: wulfbaron), or if you don't have that: https://www.behance.net/wulfbaron

Cheers!10609427_10203653424670464_4129066301615154474_n_thumb.jpg fall_of_the_fire_bringer_by_wulfbaron-d7w2rup_thumb.jpg 10574321_750838701639473_7515086928580262007_n_thumb.jpg 1958064_10202365734599017_261263135_n_thumb.jpg the_dead_see_by_wulfbaron-d7w32o8_thumb.jpg 10487256_10203205660236633_5033511750127108488_n_thumb.jpg

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