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Hi from Glasgow!


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Hello all! I'm a New Yorker now living in Glasgow (as of a few months ago), in grad school. I don't have any tattoos yet but have been wanting one/some forever, so I'm finally starting to research artists, which is why I'm here--looking for recommendations for someone who can do some kind of big colorful mystical creature or something. (Sort of like Sasha Unisex but not as watercolor-y, I think. I'm still looking for inspiration.)

Thanks! Glad to be joining the community! :)

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Hey welcome. As you don't seem to be sure yet what you're after, I'll throw in a few new traditional artists that do nice colourful creatures I think:

Joe Frost

Tiny Miss Becca

Matt Adamson

Neil Dransfield

Mitchell Allenden

None of them in Scotland I'm afraid, but all UK. As you're from the US I figured the distance might not be an issue for you??

Anyway, take your time and enjoy the research!

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