New Member Here. 22 Years Later and a Coverup

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In 1993 when I was a young Marine with little money, I walked into a tattoo parlor and chose a stock tattoo from the board in my price range. After a few short years, I realized that the tattoo had no personal importance to me and it didn't match my personality. Nonetheless, tattoo coverups just weren't common then and I had few option to add or modify it. Fast forward 22 years...After seeing seem some incredible artist nowadays and some unbelievable coverups, I decided it was time to see what my options were. I went into the consult without any expectations as to what could be done regarding design, colors, shapes, etc... I was surprised to be told that it wouldn't be an issue and I just needed to let him know what I wanted and he would make it happen. The big day was tuesday and while I need to go back for a few more hours in a few weeks to finish, we got alot of work done this session and are at a good stopping point. All I can say is that I am totally blown away beyond expectations, to the point that all I can think about is more tattoos.

PSA, Please do be impulsive about your first tattoo. Please do not settle because money is limiting your options. Be patient and don't do what I did.

So, here is the work in progress:

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    • I'd wait until it's healed so you actually know what it's going to look like before I start looking at having it "fixed." How exactly is the other artist going to "fix" it? I've seen more tattoos that look worse after they are fixed than better.
    • Hello everyone. So I got this rose tattoo two weeks ago. Still healing and I know I want to get it “fixed”. My issue with it is that while it looks like a rose you have to look hard to see it’s a rose. I have an appt. scheduled for April to have it worked on by a different artist (he did a pocket watch on my ribs last year that came out great). In meeting with him he said it lacks symmetry (which it does) among some other things, but he feels he can work on this. Looking for any advice. Is this fixable or is it a lost cause? If it’s not fixable then it is what it is, but Tully hoping for some input. Needless to say, I’ve been so bummed since I got because it didn’t come out how I would’ve liked. Thank you.
    • Ah, a dummkopf.    
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