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Hi everyone!

I'm Kaos -that's right, it's a nickname, but pretty close to my real one. I'm a long time tattooer, the reason I registered here is for networking, getting to know more people in the industry, as I feel a bit isolated from the rest of it. I was born and raised in Hungary, but I'm living in London, England, moved here long time ago, but why?!....don't ask...:) I'm coming from an artistic family, so to start tattooing somehow was an obvious step for me. In drawing or painting I was always after replicating my subject as accurate as possible, fantasy drawing, or character design was just secondary. I love it, don't get me wrong, but my little heart was always beating for realism. So (what a surprise) I started to call myself realistic, or -just to sound better : portrait tattooer.

Although I'm tattooing over ten years, I'm still developing my technique, trying to learn more about tattooing. Looking back to my past, when I thought I am the king of tattooing, I can only see a pathetic excuse of that....:) I had to learn not to be happy with myself, but become a perfectionist, which means no perfection at all, but at least pursuing perfection! Now I know, with every day I can gain a little more, if I pay enough attention, and don't let myself settle on a certain level.

So here I am, age 40 and still wanting to grow, become someone, become a better artist, a better person. Thanks for reading!

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