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Newbie from TN seeking LasVegas tattoo artist


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Hello everyone! I'm a 30 yrs old and have one large rib piece, which was started about 2.5 years ago. I have been trying to learn more about quality tattoos and become more familair with many of the well-known, most talented, respected tattoo artists around the country. Ultimately, I would like to find an artist to complete my tattoo. I've been very particular about who to use because my tattoo is my family's crest and coat of arms. The design is not the style and design of a traditional coat of arms and features two dragons surrounding the shield. The tattoo has been completed to the point of coloring in the majority with the base colors. I've been looking for a tattoo artist who specializes in or is great with dragon tattoos and whose work typically exhibits very rich, vibrant colors. I'm planning to attend the Las Vegas tattoo show coming up in September. I'm not familiar with tattoo artists and was hoping to get information on who the best artists either in Las Vegas tattoo shops or at the Tattoo Show to finish adding details, and color to rib tattoo featuring dragons. Thanks in advance for any information!

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