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Hello my name is Lucy

I have been you could say "obsessed" with tattoos for a while now, as time went on I have learned to appreciate getting a tattoo pretty much anywhere on your body minus a few icky spots....

I decided to get a sleeve for my birthday and so I started that journey, only have the shading to do and possibly a free spot to put something else, I am just unsure of what to get...any ideas??

It is my left arm, and its a full sleeve, right down to my knuckles.

From top to bottom and outside to inside;

The Evil Queen holding her poison apple in a cracked mirror frame. (Drawn by myself) (Outside)

The poison apple from snow white with the words Pure Poison. (Also drawn by myself) (Inside)

Blank space under Quennie (This is where I need Ideas that fit with my sleeves theme) (Outside)

Blind Eye tearing (credit goes to my tattoo artist) (Inside)

Rose (Credit goes to my tattoo artist) (ELBOW)

Blood moon and creepy tree (Credit goes to my tattoo artist) (Outside)

Jackalope holding a little potion bottle filled with Whisky (drawn by myself) (Inside)

wrist is blank as well as my hand right now I was thinking of getting a rose at first but I am almost over the roses at this point and maybe want to get my cats face instead.

:) Thanks

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