Any good Japanese style tattoo artists in the Midwest? (preferably)

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Hello! So I've been looking around for tattoo artists that are great when it comes to Japanese style tattoos. I'm from the Chicago area so I'd like to stay around there, but I understand that I'd have to travel a bit if I want to go to the best. Only thing is, I'm a college student and have a max of $3,000 for a half sleeve and a bit of chest piece. But anyways, does anyone have any recommendations for good B/W Japanese style tattoo artists? I tried looking up Solokill, but it seems like she's pretty book.

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Jeff is awesome, I saw a Japanese backpiece he did in person recently and I was floored.  True he doesn't seem to be making as much Japanese stuff lately but it's worth calling and seeing if he's interested, AA is what like a 5 hour drive from Chicago?


Mike Dorsey is in Cincinnati, love seeing his stuff too.

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