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Progress on a full sleeve, advice appreciated!


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Hey folks, just discovered this site and I'm really diggin' it. Sorry for the wall of text here, but I'm seeking some advice regarding the current progression of my tattoo. Inspired by the Alien films and H.R. Giger's work, I'm having a full sleeve done. Basically I'm trying to achieve the effect of a Xenomorph's arm. After the shoulder was started last week, I photoshopped what I'd like it to look like for my artist (the outer upper arm, more to come once that area is complete). The photos here show how it's looking so far after two sessions, about 6.5 hours in total. The artist says that's she's working on the outline and base shading, and she'll be going back over it once it's healed to fill in the blanks and add contouring and details with whites and greys for that slimy/shiny effect. I've never heard of this technique... going back over it once it's healed...
I've seen a lot of her work and was impressed, and she's got a good rep around town. Looking at it so far, I have to admit that I'm not sure if it will turn out the way I envision it. Looking for some opinions... am I just being paranoid? Should I trust my artist, or should I go elsewhere to continue this piece? I'd be grateful for any advice!






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Hi, welcome. Looks cool to me. I can't give much advice except that my boyfriend had his sleeve touched up with white after all the main work was done to bring the details out, so it's not a totally unheard of technique! I'm sure others on here will be able to help you out more!

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