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  1. I don't think it's starting shit to say it's rude to dump on people's new tattoos. It's too late to change anything, why are you gonna make someone feel bad? It happens so much on initiation posts. But anyway doesn't matter, I've realised this forum is not for me. You guys do your thing, I wish lots of awesome tattoos in your futures!
  2. I agree with this. You don't have to make someone feel stupid for not knowing as much as you. This is not always true. Telling someone their brand new tattoo is shit, or even that you think it's ugly, is never helpful and is pretty rude.
  3. Butterfly, bees, something like that?
  4. I think the skin on your elbow tends to be much dryer and coarser, maybe that's why those tattoos age more. I had heard of ankle tattoos being effected by constant rubbing from socks, that's why I was worried initially. Kate, thanks for your input. It's good to hear from someone who has lived with their tattoo a while. Hope you love your new tattoo!
  5. I actually find this community very negative. I used to come on a lot but definitely feel like if you don't have the "right" style or aesthetic you are not welcome
  6. I feel like you could get an awesome skull to go with "now is the envy of all the dead" I know a lot of guys put longer quotes like your first one on their inner bicep, I think that looks better than on the outer arm. I guess it just depends if you like the aesthetic of having a chunk of text like that.
  7. I don't have a wrist tattoo but it probably depends on the person. A man would have wider wrists and therefore slightly bigger would look better than a woman? My tattoo artist printed out a few different sizes on the day and let me test them to see which one fitted best, I think that's the best way to tell.
  8. I like the first one, I like the simplicity of it. Not everyone wants a big tattoo, the main thing is you find something you like.
  9. Just spotted this on Pinterest. Gotta win a prize for most hipster ideas in one design!
  10. mmmsarah


    I never wanted to wear headphones for my tattoo, there was some great chat in the studio, but I needed some heavy music the last hour or so to get through the pain! I would definitely be interested to see examples of very bright/watercolour style tattoos a few years down the line. They are so popular at the moment but I don't think I've ever seen an "aged" one
  11. mmmsarah


    I guess the question is how do you find the right tattooer if all you have is online portfolios which may be only fresh, new tattoos?
  12. I'm always staring at people's tattoos, I love seeing the awesome work people have. I hope if they have ever noticed me they realise I am staring with interest and appreciation not judgement.
  13. I definitely think people without an artistic eye have a hard time making judgements on specific things like shading or linework. Also partly laziness or convenience. I have a lot of friends who go to the same guy, not because he is the best, but because he is local and someone recommended him once, so someone else went and then the rest of them. I think it can be easy especially when you are young to follow the crowd in that sense. In terms of "good" tattoos, I certainly had a lack of knowledge before my first about how tattoos age. I don't think mine counts as good in the sense that it will stand up 20-30 years from now. Not sure if I could go back if I would change it tho, it's beautiful now.
  14. Hello! I don't really have any advice for flying but could I ask where you are getting your tattoo done in Ireland? I'm Irish living in London and considering getting my next tattoo done back home.
  15. It sounds like you are going through exactly what I went through with my first. It didn't look at all like I imagined and I was really upset for days. But they change SO MUCH during healing, I am sure you will be fine. Really, I thought mine was a disaster and then I looked at it one day and loved it. Once it heals, it becomes a part of your skin. Give it a few weeks, I am sure you will love it eventually!
  16. It strikes me as quite a "teenage" tattoo and I'm not sure how you'll feel about it in a few years. I'd say you will be sick of people asking what it means, it definitely might be better to have it somewhere more hidden, so it's more personal for you. My boyfriend has a quote hidden under his armpit as part of a sleeve and even he gets annoyed with having to discuss it with every randomer at the pub!
  17. I've always found tattoos attractive and it was one of the first things I noticed about my boyfriend. Then after we got together he gave me the confidence to get my own. Now I've gotten the bug!
  18. Hi, welcome. Looks cool to me. I can't give much advice except that my boyfriend had his sleeve touched up with white after all the main work was done to bring the details out, so it's not a totally unheard of technique! I'm sure others on here will be able to help you out more!
  19. One of the wildest parties I have been to in the last few years was a 50th. And some of the "oldest" people I know (by that I mean only want to talk about mortgages, never want to do anything but watch tv at home) are mid 20s. I'm 28 but I'm gonna be young at heart for a while yet!
  20. I know what you mean about people being instant experts. My tattoo was 5 hours and I still would be wary giving advice or acting like I know it all. I especially hate people with tiny tattoos who say tattooing doesn't hurt, like they are really tough. Mine didn't hurt for the first hour either, try sitting there for the whole day tho!
  21. I get the same. I'm on my work computer so definitely don't want to risk anything!
  22. I wouldn't mention it. My artist did a consultation during my tattoo, I don't think it's uncommon. If the guy is a really top artist he probably expects to do his work at a pace he's comfortable with and not be set to a timer. I can imagine being frustrated while he's out smoking and your money is ticking away. If it's going to stress you out I would just choose another artist next time.
  23. Wish I could show mine off more but I live in England so it's not that hot. At least my office doesn't have a dress code, I work in film and I swear half the office has tatts!
  24. Thanks for your response. I know tattoos age with time. I just had this image of a slightly more faded stripe down the middle where the strap sits. Good to know I am worrying about nothing! - - - Updated - - - Wow Naiemh your tattoo looks incredible. Looks like it will be amazing when finished!