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  1. HI there As you know, if you have read my initiation thread, I am in the process of getting my 1st tattoo. My 2nd session was at a local tattoo convention, and Julien Thiebers was there. Having only just getting into tattooing I didnt realise how well known he was (nationally in France at least) I also didnt realise until I checked it up tonight that his studio is only 2 hours away by car from where I live. If I get more, defo checking to see how long his waiting list is. https://www.instagram.com/julienthibers/?hl=en Does anyone have any tattoo's by him, or know of him in the
  2. people with long hair could conceal an ear tattoo easily but not short hair. You could shave your head, get a tattoo on your scalp then let your hair go back again - that would be well hidden. But then, no one would be able to see it even yourself. Wouldnt butt cheek be the best place to hide a tattoo ? even at the swimming pool / beach you could cover it, as long as you didnt go for a thong. but if you get want to look at it yourself, or show someone, you could.
  3. dansafcman


    hey, have question regarding the healing. My tattoo artist doesnt work on Tuesdays so I cant call in to see her today or get her on the phone. I read some threads in the after care section, so I think it is fine, however I just wanted to double check as this is my 1st one On the flower which scabbed over pretty quickly, I noticed today that the skin is already flaking in some spots (and the flakes seem quite thick) and I can see to the skin layer underneath. Its not bleeding or anything. I've been washing it once a day and putting Bepanthen on it 3 times a day since Saturday (the ses
  4. dansafcman


    So went to the convention and got another 4.5 hours in, mainly worked on the bottom half of the tattoo. progress wasnt as quick as the 1st session, so its gonna take longer than expected to finish - retraced the dragon black lines, as they turned out a little too fine after it healed - filled out lotus flower with color (worked with purple, blue, white inks) - worked on the smoke cloud Left to do: - color in the orchids - finish the smoke - start and finish the dragon, probably in Black&Grey to contrast with the flowers but not 100% certain
  5. Not sure if this is just my anti virus being paranoid, but when I go to " Dumb Hipster Tattoos" in worst tattoo ever, I get told that tattoodonkey.com could potentially cause an issue. Not sure if that is a link on the thread or something.
  6. Cant see the pic for some reason, but from what I remember when I saw it a couple of days ago -Guess you were looking for something like this ?
  7. dansafcman


    Thanks ! Yeah, she did the last hour for free because she didn't want to stop since it was going so well :)
  8. The artist (coralie cabibbo) who is doing my 1st tattoo did this one
  9. I'm 32 and just got my 1st one and was still nervous about what my dad would say/think (some things never change, not matter how old we are). I knew he wouldnt get angry or anything - in a reverse of the "normal" situation, my little sister got tattooed 1st and she still lives with them - but I still worried about it. he saw it, and said "so thats your tattoo" and thats about it. Knew my Mum would be fine with it. In fact, once she saw it she said "well If I ever get one, I know who I am going to"
  10. My thoughts as a "newbie" - Started my 1st tattoo last week at 32 years old. Half sleeve upper arm. It wasnt as painful as I thought it would be (so far) - my tattoo artist did 4 hours then did an hour for free as I was holding up so well. Having said that, 2 things make people really think about what they want before they get tattooed imo. 1. the fact that it is permanent 2. the fact that it is painful Remove one of those from the equation and you would get people doing a lot more bad half-thought out rubbish imo. If it didnt hurt I can imagine (more?) people getting big pieces done the
  11. dansafcman


    Thanks! Meeting up with her at a local Tattoo convention (cheaper hourly rate than at the studio) on the 30th April for the next session, probably do about 5 hours again, then the remaining couple of hours at a later date if needed. I already have cysts on my arms :( though nowhere near the placement of the tattoo. But i'm pretty sure it will be fine, as my sister who is already tattooed had no problem with hers and she has the same issue as me (its probably genetic) I'll post pics after the next session then once again once it is finished.
  12. dansafcman


    Update Well I went ahead and got it started. Had my first session just over a week ago - 5 hours of work done with bout 8 hours to go. No reaction to the tattoo whatsoever. Orchids for my daughter, and my son said "dragon". So spoke with the tattoo artist (all credit to her for the design) and this is the result so far https://www.instagram.com/p/BEMEXAUSiTs/?taken-by=coralie_cabibbo_tattoo Not finished yet, but I already love it
  13. dansafcman


    Existing one can get angry, but it is very rare -last time was 2 to 3 years ago. Once they are there they dont "go" unless I get them removed.
  14. dansafcman


    Basically I have cysts in some areas, and the tattooist wanted to know if having a tattoo would cause more to appear, she said to ask my doctor. The doctor basically said; we dont know why you have them so we cant say what would "provoke" more. I am not on medication for them, they are aesthetically unappealing but have no detrimental affect to my health. occasionally they do flare up, in which case it looks even worse (red and swollen) and, well, basically become a big zit. The area I chose for my future tattoo placement does not have any existing cysts. So my question basically is if you
  15. dansafcman


    Hi all, Name's Dan, and I joined the forum as I am thinking of getting my 1st tattoo. The only thing holding me back is a medical related question. Is it ok to ask it on this thread, or should I wait and ask it once I hit the 10 post limit and create a new thread in tattoo advice ? Thanks
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