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    Hi, and welcome to the forum!! Ask away!!!
  2. We spent 3 weeks in Egypt - saw a lot of statues to Horus.
  3. I've been playing around with buying one of these for years. We've got an ATV that we use for work around our 57 acre property. It's a 2004 and still running strong but in the winter I use it to plow our 750 ft driveway and my mother-in-law's driveway, too. As I've gotten older, I am less and less thrilled at sitting out in the cold, snow and sleet on the Quad while I plow and then have to get off to change the plow angle every time. I saw that Cub Cadet upgraded their line - got great reviews on 3 or 4 ATV/UTV publications for their value and standard amenities - checked them out and ordered one. I didn't expect it until early next year but I got the call yesterday that not only was it in, but they were ready to deliver it. I took it out for a 15 minute ride around our property last evening - and really like it. To the basic package - which is really loaded (gas adjustable shocks, 4-wheel disc brakes, locking front and rear differential, dump bed, hard lower doors and cab/ROPS cage, tilt wheel, lights horn, turn signals, winch) - I added upper doors and a rear window to close the cab, a cab heater, windshield wiper, a roof light bar and a power-angle snow plow.
  4. Neither of my upper arms swelled after my tattoos...but we all react differently.
  5. Welcome to the site! I think you need 10 posts before you can freely start threads, etc. How about some more pictures of you work??!!
  6. If it means something to you, then it doesn't matter what others think. Welcome to the forum!! I opted to go for the visual representation....my last name is Volk - which translates as Wolf in Russian.
  7. What a beautiful girl, @JAC1961!
  8. Personally, I use a scent-free anti-bacterial soap to wash during the first two weeks of healing before switching back to my "usual." At this point, though, the important thing is to keep it clean, not over-moisturize if you're using it to help heal, and watch your tattoo for any signs of infection. Odds are, you'll be fine.
  9. @Gingerninja - you are truly amazing. Your zest for life positive approach reflect what we all want but few truly have. Know that you have the thoughts and prayers of many people with you every day.
  10. Sending good thoughts and prayers @Gingerninja! Please update us when you can!!!
  11. Well, own up to it then! lol
  12. Looks like I'm hanging in there for the "Oldest Living Person on Last Sparrow" award. Considering the alternative, I'm OK with that.
  13. That's not possible!!!!! You're not older than 35!!!!
  14. Welcome! At 62, I'm the oldest guy...to post so far. I got my first tattoo just a few weeks before my 61st birthday and my second 6 months later. I have the itch badly at this point but have not found a local artist I want to work with and haven't had any time to really concentrate on an artist and what I want to do for my next. At some point, though, the itch will overcome my patience...............
  15. on this Veterans Day. My Dad in Marine Boot Camp, 1946. And me as a battalion commander 50 years later, Bosnia 1996. I was headed out to visit some of my soldiers in the field on Christmas Eve. My Dad died while I was in Bosnia but we are both proud, tattooed veterans!
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    Welcome to the forum! You can ask away right here - and your replies will build your post count.
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