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Hello All - New Here from T.O - Advice?


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Hi all,

new here and want to say that I just found this site and love it. 

I have 3 tattoos currently and looking to get more and bigger pieces added from a different artist  

I know there are a lot of good options in Toronto but wanted to make sure I chose the right one. 

If anyone could provide any feedback on this artist that would be much appreciated. 



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Hey :)

I'm not sure what kinda thing you're after but judging on what I've seen - i think there may be better out there.. not that i know much about this kinda thing :P

There was an app created by a member of a different tattoo forum - it's a map of tattoo artist's near your location, it's for IOS and android i believe.

Check it out:   http://thebragartlist.mobuapps.london/ :D


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I've never been tattooed by him but a friend of mine has. He does good realistic and his shop is pretty well respected in Toronto. The other shop I've heard talked about in TO for realism is The Black Pearl on The Danforth. If you are looking for cool black and grey check out Jennifer at the Pearl https://www.instagram.com/jenniferlawes/  or Alex Snelgrove at the Okey Doke https://www.instagram.com/snelgrove/ she not currently taking new work but her books will open up in a few months.

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