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Hello everyone. Question about tattoo machines.


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Hello people, im new to this forum my name is Tomas and im from Greece, i though maybe someone can say his opinion and help me out.

i draw for years and i decide to try my skills with tattoo machine, after a lot of research and as started id like to start with rotary machine since it cost less and pretty much cant do it all.

i dont even wanna try with chinese cope or shit,so ill go for new and if i cant do it maybe i got chance to resale it.

this machines is what i found the best allrounders and with good price also.

for the rotarywork machines i post 4 since they look pretty much the same and i dont know details.

I looking for the best allrounder. Any opinion appreciated thanks.



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Hi There, and welcome to LST.

Please take a moment to re-read your welcome email and the LST guidelines:


  • Do not start threads asking about specific tattooing equipment or techniques, LST is not here to teach anyone how to tattoo. Ask your own tattooer, the next time you are getting tattooed. Maybe they'll answer you, maybe they won't.
  • Do not start threads regarding closely guarded trade secrets - this will keep LST a much more welcoming place for everyone, tattooers and enthusiasts alike.
  • Do not start threads asking questions about "breaking into the business" of tattooing.


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