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Any recommendations for artists/shops in the north jersey area?


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there are good shops in northern jersey - I've been to Immortal in Clinton - got tattooed by Jamie Sawyer twice - shes great - and there are many great artists at the shops two locations in northern NJ

but...if we are talking traditional tattoos - you still have many options - I obviously love Electric Tattoo and have been tattooed many times there by Rob Ryan and Sheila Marcello - they're both awesome - all the artists there crush traditional daily - the shop is in Asbury Park which is in Central Jersey - btw - it doesnt hurt to have the beergarten right next door

i'd also throw neptune tattoo in the mix - which is just a coupe miles away in Neptune NJ - Chris Smith would be my choice there but again - amazing shop amazing artist - they crush traditional

in you are in NJ dont forget that you have great artists in NY and Philly who do amazing traditional

In Brooklyn Smith Street is as good as it gets in my opinion for traditional and in Philly Olde City is top notch


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At a convention in Toronto a few years back I was Tattooed by Steve Boltz from Smith St. Tattoo Parlour, Brooklyn, the shop is about 2 hours away(ish) from North Jersey but well worth the drive.


Great guy and I love the Tattoo, his work is consistently awesome. He did a free hand marker drawn coverup coffin theme on my chest.

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