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Whats up everyone!

Old Greg

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Whats up?

My name is Greg. Born and raised in San Francisco. Live in the east bay area now. I would love to get into the business if anyone has suggestions where to start. I love the art, culture and community of tattooing...

Right now all I have are sketches. Im in a bit of a tough spot since I have a family to support now and cant afford to drop everything and take on a full-time apprenticeship (not that quality apprenticeships are readily available to begin with).. I'm also 25 years old. I know lots of amazing artists got a late start, but am I too old to chase this dream of mine?

Other than that, I'm hoping to get anyone's advice on artists to check out (within the bay area, all of california, to......?? wherever). I'm into all different types of tattoos. I've done some research and have found a lot of artists I plan to track down someday but Im sure theres plenty more I havent seen.

Thanks in advance!


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Welcome to LST.

The Bay Area is very rich with tattoo shops and tattooers to get tattooed by plus we seem to get a lot of high quality traveling tattooers coming through pretty often to guest spot.

You'll have to join us at our next LST Bay Area get together.....

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