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    • looks normal to me, it will take at least 6 weeks to heal and more to settle in.
    • hi just got this two weeks ago wondering if it’s healing normal or does it look weird 
    • I have a date set to get this design on my forearm. I’ve heard that fine lines and pointillism can sometimes blur easily so I am a bit worried that the grey pointillism leaf will blur out quickly. Any thoughts on if this will happen and how long it would take? Additionally, if this were to happen would it be possible to touch it up and somehow make it more crisp? For instance, by outlining the leaf with a thicker black line in the future if it were to blur? I just don’t want to end up with a grey blob I can’t do anything about on my arm in 5 years! 
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    • By Leah
      Hey guys,
      I'll add a pic later in the thread but I recently got a bicep tattoo, 3 days ago, decent size (a cover-up) and my bi-cep is the size of a ham. I had a similar experience with my forearm. Anyone else experience this?
    • By Lemis Serghei
      My name is Sergey.
      I am 24 years old.
      He was born in Moldova,
      I'm tattooing for about 2 years. I'm looking for a studio in Europe to continue my career and grow as a tattoo artist.
      You can find my portfolio on instagram.
      I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

    • By marfil98
      Hey everyone. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how tattoos with no black in them look after a few years. I know it's generally frowned upon, but if it's a darker color (blue for example) would it last? Something like the picture I attached. I have no intention of getting anything like this by the way, I'm just curious as to how they hold up long term.

    • By Shane Solusar Bywaters
      Selling tons of books. These are great for inspiration or reference, some are out of print. Discounts for people that buy multiple books, Message me for details, questions, and prices.
      Sacred mirrors Alex grey
      Transfigurations Alex grey
      Tolerance Chris Mars 
      The magic mirror of m.c. Escher
      The world of m.c. Escher
      M.c. Escher 29 master prints 
      H.R. Giger's Necronomicon 
      H.R. Giger's Neceonomicon II
      Drawings of Mucha 70 works including 9 in full color 
      Spectrum 13 the best in contemporary fantasy art
      Haunted by Dave fox 
      Organica by Guy Aitchison 
      Immovable Fudo myoo tattoo designs by horitomo 
      The Leu Family's family iron
      Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash book one 
      Old ghosts a flash collection 
      Spider murph ya tattoo flash book one
      1000 oriental tattoo designs 
      Tattoo designs of Japan horiyoshi III
      Unfinished business jay cavna 
      Less than three Tim pangburn 
      Bullshito legacies of Martin lacasse 
      Sketchbook by stilian 
      Martin lacasse take what you can give nothing back 
    • By marfil98
      Hi everyone. So I've been trying to think of stufff i could add around my moth tattoo. I don't like all the empty space around it, but due to the shape of it I can't think of anything that would fit well. My first idea was roses, but if anyone has any suggestions they'd be much appreciated.