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Help! Red bumps on forearm when the tattoo is on upper arm

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Hi everyone!

I am working on a half sleeve right now and have a bunch of questions and figured I would ask them here :)

So, I got a smaller tattoo last year on my upper arm and am now currently working on a half sleeve. Same upper arm, the first outline was already done and I had no issues with healing, however, one thing I noticed was that I started breaking out on my forearm (same arm where the tattoo is on) but again, the red bumps are not around or on the tattoo but developed about 3 days later at the forearm. I read a lot about people breaking out from using too much ointment, but that can't be the case here since I didn't use anything for my forearm, only aquaphor for my upper arm where my tattoo is. I also wouldn't really describe them as pimples, more as red little bumps, they don't itch or burn, are just not pretty to look at. Some of them developed with time a little white puss though. These also took a lot longer to heal and go away than my normal pimples I sometimes have on my face. So, I really don't think these are acne pimples. The first time that happened I didn't think too much of it bc it wasn't too many bumps and once I had my next session for some of the shading it was all healed up (the outline and the red bumps).

However, now that I got a lot of more ink with the shading session, these red bumps on my forearm came back; again about 3-4 days after the session. This time I got a lot more of them and some also on my upper arm. The healing process of these bumps also lasted longer than after the first time. So now I am a bit worried but can't really find any relatable cases when I googled this issue. Bc again, it can't come from the ointment or shaving hair, bc these bumps appeared in a section where I didn't get tattooed. And I don't remember having this reaction when I got my very first tattoo (at a different tattoo studio and artist).

The shading also healed mostly pretty nice, there is one darker spot/line which had a little yellowish ooze, but it was really just a little and only where the artist used more black ink and I guess maybe even went a bit too deep. There was not swelling, no redness or pain and now I just have a scab which will probably take longer than the rest to heal. So I doubt that has anything to do with the red bumps. However, I did feel that my lymphs under my armpits were a bit swollen and sensitive to touch after the shading session. Not sure if that is related to the tattoo. (and just btw, I did follow my artist after care instructions: left the wrapping on for about 3 hours, washed it with a non scented soap, first three days used aquaphor, then switched to a lighter lotion. during the first days I would wash it about 3 times a day.)

If anyone has experienced these red bumps before which are not on the area of the actual tattoo, please let me know, any advice is welcome! I used tree tee oil, hypo cortisone, hustle butter, but nothing has really helped so far then just waiting.


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