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Hi everyone - Wolf here (not my real name, obviously). I'm a newbie here on the LST Forum, but I've followed the Artist Video series for a while and really enjoy hearing all the great stories from the industry veterans and find myself agreeing with them nine times out of ten with a lot of subjects, so I figured I'd come here and see what I could pick up and learn. Life's all about learning and moving forward, right? 

Long story short - I used to tattoo back in my early 20s (I'm now almost 30). I haven't picked up a machine for about seven years. My apprenticeship wasn't even what I'd consider a real apprenticeship (if anyone wants to hear that horror story,  I'll happily post about it in the appropriate section). I got screwed out of a lot both financially and mentally, so I threw all my tattoo gear into a box and stashed it away. It's still there... because something tells me that I'm not done, but the industry seems to have changed and this honestly scares me. I think that's enough about me for now. Thanks to everyone involved in this forum's upkeep for the opportunity to meet and talk to people who share a common interest. 

Thanks for reading, 

Wolf \m/

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Welcome to LST.

i don't see why your real name couldn't be Wolf. there are at least a few well known Wolfs, so probably a good many lesser-known Wolfs out there. you should just go ahead and have your name legally changed, to make things easier for us all. 😉

as far as tattooing goes, if something tells you that you're not done, then you've lost 7yrs of practice. have you been painting or drawing? getting tattooed at least?

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@Gingerninja - Yes, on and off - funds permitting. I still speak to a lot of artists I came up with and even the ones I worked with. My start was very much less than ideal - but I've worked on my art a lot while I've been out of shop work. 

@Hands On - I don't see it as seven years of practice that I've lost out on,  I see it as more time away from an industry where (at the time) there was nothing positive keeping me there. I needed some time out, so I took it and it made me a better person and allowed me to view this all with a renewed perspective. 

Thanks for the replies - it means a lot 🙂 

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