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Looking for references - Humanoid Thistle Tattoo


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hi everyone, hope you are doing well.

I am desperately looking for the references of a tattoo that I have rarely seen but that catches my attention.

I never managed to find my answers by searching on the internet, in books ...

The design is a humanoid thistle with a yellow face, a sort of organic hat and arms made of leaves.

It's a great design, I know Jess Swaffer posted one on Instagram a long time ago. I no longer remember the names of other artists who did it...

Thank you very much, hope you can help me.


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7 hours ago, SStu said:

To be clear - you're looking for more visual references, or historical origin?

Additional references might come up once in a while (none that I can quickly recall, tho), but I'd be surprised if the latter will become evident. 

I was asking about historical origin. 

I thought it was a Bert Grimm’s design at first but i couldn’t find anything ...


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