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Juan Puente Tattoo Artist Interview

Scott Sylvia

I first met Juan Puente in 19-something-or-other at the San Diego convention at the Bahia. The convention was righteous, I believe that it was the one Zeke Owens rode his bike cross country to attend. It was the first time Juan and I ever hung out, and we have been comrades ever since. We have worked together at two shops and have traveled the world together, including Japan, Italy, France, England, Holland, Bali, Mexico, even the cultural mecca of Long Beach. Juan and I have a brotherly bond and have been a part of each others' families. I am honored to have witnessed his daughter grow up to be an amazing young women, it is both cool and strange at the same time. We have worked at possibly a hundred conventions together, me bringing the littlest amount of crap possible and Juan carrying enough foolishness for three families to first tattoo and then film a movie afterwards. Jesus, this man does not understand the concept of traveling light. However, if you happen to need a clip cord, he probably has two extras. No joke. That's what makes Juan, well, Juan.

So when I wanted to do my first interview for the site, I immediately thought of Juan, knowing how easy it would be. I always thought I could just ask people questions while we ate dinner or had coffee, but that's not how this one would go down. This one conversation? Takes place at our shared space where we build machines. As you will see I didn't have to say too much, Juan makes it easy, and interesting.

I hope that you'll enjoy this dialogue and all the future ones that will be coming. We have an amazing list of people to interrogate, and it won't always be by me. I have devious plans to hoodwink all my best friends into picking other tattooer's brains for your viewing amusement. So please have fun watching Juan Puente talk about Juan Puente, trains and all.

Many thanks and much respect to Juan.

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Awesome. I could watch stuff like this all day long.

Good thing Patrick because Scott and others have more coming your way! Part two just may find its way to the site tonight!!??!!

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enjoying the interview. Juan is a great guy and has gone out of his way to help me when I've asked for help.Looking forward to the rest of the interview.

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I'm watching this, thinking about the part where he's describing the other guy giving Corey the razz for teaching Juan something, how much gnarlier it probably was than the razz I got... and thinking that this Juan guy seems like such a cool dude

then I'm like "damn, this guy is one of my best friends, that's awesome! my life is awesome cause I get to hang out with guys like this!"

thanks for everything you've ever done for me juan, from my first machine I got off ya, to letting me craxh on the couch last week, to texting me that papermonkey thing yesterday

you're the man

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Who else you got lined up for these interviews!? If you ever need someone to do something in these neck of the woods I've got a camera and some interviewing know-how :-)

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Who else you got lined up for these interviews!? If you ever need someone to do something in these neck of the woods I've got a camera and some interviewing know-how :-)

The Dutchman???

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