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Katie Sellergren Tattoo Artist Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

Nick and I are good friends so I asked him to interview Katie for me. Katie and Nick are friends so he visits her shop to guest spot and vice versa often so he headed out to her place to do this interview. I like how relaxed and forthcoming she is, extra bonuses are Nick’s smart-ass comments.

Katie and I had met a few times here and there but never really had any quality time until this past June. I knew she had to be cool due to the people she hangs out with who speak highly of her and I think highly of them. Then we got to hangout and have some quality conversation when she was in town before Long Beach and sure enough she is an impressive asset to tattooing. She is a very charismatic person and has a great perspective on the process of tattooing.

I think she probably does some of the best lettering in the biz! Not to sell the rest of her tattooing short because she is a well rounded tattooer with competent skills in the profession. Being a tattooer who always wished I did better lettering and have constantly worked on it and has never been great, ok, but not great. To see her lettering will humble you. I watched her lay out maybe 10 pieces with ease and skill, which is rad to see. Some people will know what I’m talking about, I sit next to Tim Lehi every day and watch him draw a Japanese back piece with out even breaking sweat and it is so natural. It makes you feel good to watch someone do what they are selected to do in ones life. Chris Conn and the girls he draws is same thing, natural gift.

So here is the interview that I hope you enjoy and want to give a big thanks to Nick for doing the interview and most of all thanks to Katie for being a part of this site.

Interview by Nick Colella at Mt. Idy Tattoo in Montrose, Iowa.

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tim's ''fish has been filleted'' is katie's ''horse out of the gate''. arent we all so funny. another good interview, a good example of how it is outside the big city. maybe ill meet cha someday . that's a intelligent young woman.

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I know what place she is talking about in Austin. I paid to work/ apprentice there 10 years ago. Shop is closed down now for a long time!

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Nick sounds just like Scott especially when he says sure.She does do some real nice smooth work.I saw some script she did on Jon Glessner that was real nice.I remember visiting Read Street when she was working there.They were redoing the 2nd floor to make it bigger.Another interesting interview.Keep em coming.

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Very nice interview, and now I know who to go to if I want some lettering maybe if I do a mid west tour.. I kinda wish that the interview was longer though. Not only this one, all of them... 3 hours would be good.

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lol i love how at the end she says "no one wants to listen to me talk for that long!" hahah quite the opposite, i'm sure everyone would have loved for her to keep on talking! there has to be a part 2 and she has to talk more about her farm. i get her updates on facebook and her life just seems so interesting! i agree with everyone else that mentioned it but Nick does sound alot like Scott! i love this interview and i look forward to more of them(maybe another female artist?)!

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I just have to say, I got tattooed by Katie Sellergren about 10 days ago, and not only was it seriously one of the least painful tattoo sittings that I can remember, the time just flew by because we had such a good time! Or at least I did, and she's just real polite and was pretending to have a good time. Either way, she's awesome, and if you can thing of something real clever to emblazen on yourself in giant letters, she's your gal. Don't miss out!

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I just sat down and watched this. Listening to Katie talk about Savannah, and myself being tattooed at Alien Arts years ago, well, it took me back. So fantastic.

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Hi; we are invited to watch these videos; and certainly there is something rather special about calligraphy tattoos with wording - often in simple black - in various, ornate possibilities, as Katie S. speaks of, here.

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