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  1. my back piece is vaguely inspired my the beatles song black bird. but you would have no idea unless i told you
  2. one day i hope to have a near full coverage. just working on it one tattoo at a time. im only 22 so ive got plenty of time.
  3. bonjour glad you could make it to the party
  4. the dude doesnt even know he sucks. his friends must all kiss his ass constantly.
  5. AbbyRoad

    flower chest piece

    thanks, i love the shadow leaves a swell
  6. AbbyRoad

    TIGER HEAD 2009

    very powerful. i really dig the green in the eyes
  7. am i the only one when i hear the word industry my next thought is agriculture?
  8. the middle tattoo is just awesome! i really love it, plus that girl has a sexy bum
  9. hey man,

    just checked out your tattoos and they are sick!

    catch you later

  10. body mod makes me think of implants and tongue splitting
  11. for those of you with palm tattoos how was the healing process? in my imagination i see writing being difficult for a lil while
  12. after reading some of the slang terms listed here im left wondering do people seriously talk like this? it makes me feel all melancholy
  13. I found Rhi Wallace via Facebook. and i really dig her style, and would love to get tattooed by her someday. Pennsylvanian has been added to the list of place i want to travel to for tattoo purposes. Login | Facebook
  14. if i was a parent i would bring my kid to get tattooed when they were 16. on the assumption if they were anything like me, theyd find a way to get a tattoo without my permission anyways and id rather bring them somewhere safe and clean to get their first tattoo
  15. damn, i resent being a poor Canadian right now
  16. i have peonies on my chest but everyone assumes they are roses
  17. i prefer color on myself, but i do appreciate bad ass black and grey on others i cant really imagine getting a black and grey tattoo, but im young so who knows
  18. i love how informative this thread is broadening my tattoo horizons <3
  19. your neck looks beautiful! this has prompted me to add you on fb, hope you dont mine.
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