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    I am a young woman doing the things that make me happy
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    sarnia, on
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    skeching, reading, hanging out with my friends, and being tattooed
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    retail slave
  1. Band or song tattoo(s)?

    my back piece is vaguely inspired my the beatles song black bird. but you would have no idea unless i told you
  2. Full body suit people?

    one day i hope to have a near full coverage. just working on it one tattoo at a time. im only 22 so ive got plenty of time.
  3. Questionable Forehead Tattoos

    i think the last thumbnail says it all
  4. Excited to meet you all!!!!

    bonjour glad you could make it to the party
  5. the dude doesnt even know he sucks. his friends must all kiss his ass constantly.
  6. flower chest piece

    thanks, i love the shadow leaves a swell
  7. TIGER HEAD 2009

    very powerful. i really dig the green in the eyes
  8. Thanks for the kind words Abby.

    Your backpiece is truly stunning. Really excited to see the progression of it.

  9. slang terms that make you cringe?

    am i the only one when i hear the word industry my next thought is agriculture?
  10. Full Back Piece Thread

    the middle tattoo is just awesome! i really love it, plus that girl has a sexy bum
  11. Worst Tattoo You've Witnessed

    im there with you jake :(
  12. hey man,

    just checked out your tattoos and they are sick!

    catch you later

  13. slang terms that make you cringe?

    body mod makes me think of implants and tongue splitting