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  1. I play pretty constantly, I don't have a great vocab, just like Kevin, I've just learned some tricks. Im unemployed, so I get frustrated that people take forever to move, since they have jobs... If you want to play me xjudgepunchx
  2. My first tattoo wasn't what I hid from my mom. Actually I asked her if I could get one (I was just 18 at the time), she said no way. A week or so later I asked her if I could get my labret pierced, she said hell no, I said ok, what if I got a small tattoo that is hidden by my short sleeve, she begrudgingly said "well, I guess", she didn't know my friends were waiting in the car in the driveway, I said thanks, and ran out to hop in the car and we went and got my tattoo (tribal arm band!!). She demanded to see it when I got home, so I showed her, she just rolled her eyes. My old man (who was
  3. Im gonna get my white so I can look like Marc Summers.
  4. I've got some, I try to grab them when I am at a shop or getting worked on, not nearly enough though. I think they are really cool, I'm into stickers too. Chad Koeplinger Steve Boltz Body Marks in SD Josh Mason I'm not sure what else I have offhand
  5. Its definately the same guy. It's probably at least 5 years between them. Even in the pic with Doug you can see the "N" from NYHC on his head. There is no way that ExC Face X2 exists.
  6. There was/is a documentary on Russian Criminal Tattoos on netflix, the guy that does the Criminal Encyclopedias is involved (maybe directed it), I didn't see it all, but I did see that he gets a phone call from the authorities when a tattooed criminal dies, he and his wife go to inspect the body, if they see a tattoo that interests them on the dead prisioner, they cut it off the body. The tattooed skin is framed on their walls. Ha, almost makes me wonder if the criminals or the author is more "hard".
  7. I flew into NYC to get my sleeve worked on. I got there at 6 am, started tattooing at 6pm, stopped at about 3am. Got back on a plane the next day at 1 pm. I will never do that again. I have done a couple 5-6 hr sessions. I have flown into SD gotten tattooed for 4 hours, then flew home early the next day. That is about as much as I can handle now, 4 hours seems to be my limit.

  9. I think the best is always fast, when I have chosen it has been Judge (and it played like 5 times, best time tattooed ever), Integrity, Descendents, Misfits... The worst music I have ever been tattooed while playing is Tortoise. Hands down, so slow and repetative ugh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7mgw3He57I&feature=related I like getting tattooed by Rob Hostetter, cause it is a good mix of Punk, Hardcore, and Soul. Goes from Bob Marley rarities and the like into Chain Of Strength. One time we listened to AC/DC's greatest hits like 3 times in a row, that was a fun session.
  10. Wow sorry that is so big, whoops haha.
  11. Rob Hostetter did a big Tiger on the side of my thigh, I also have a Tiger head holding a skull in its mouth by Steve Byrne.
  12. 1) The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up - Reckless Driving 2) Samhain - Kiss Of Steel 3) The Hope Conspiracy - Departed 4) Mind Piece - The Earth Is Flat 5) Aqualung - Halfway To The Bottom 6) Ben Folds Five - Mess 7) Heavens - Heather 8) Otis Redding - Tramp 9) Justice - Right and Wrong 10) 108 - Holy Name 11) Outspoken - Spark 12) Eric Clapton - Pretty Girl 13) Guns N' Roses - Yesterdays 14) Nas - Play On Playa 15) Right Brigade - Of My Life 16) Desperate Measures - Pushed Away 17) Notorious BIG - Sky's The Limit 18) Iron Age - Arcana Pt 2 19) Quicksand - Divorce 20) Misfits - Night Of
  13. I'm not a tattooer, but I have been tattooed quite a bit. Things that I always make sure I do...Sit still as possible, go to the bathroom before the tattoo, don't chew gum (I am addicted to gum, and pop it fairly constantly), have fresh breath, don't text or check your phone (until a break), tell the artist up front how much I can spend (and actually bring that amount), tip your artist. I've brought an ipod multiple times, but I have never used it, playing with that would go along with not playing with your phone. I have brought a gift from time to time to an artist that was doing multiple ses
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