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  1. I feel like my mom would have posted something this nuts when I first got tattooed if she had a facebook back then. She's a mom. Since she didn't, I think she instinctively just kind of punched me in the leg and complained to me for a month or so. She is completely over it and is fancies herself a connoisseur now. I know I wouldn't be a brat like this woman was, but I'm going to freak out when my daughter first dyes her hair or gets a dumb piercing.
  2. This is only slightly more disgusting to me than beer + clamato.
  3. Maybe the inside of my lip. Because it only took about 5 seconds to do.
  4. Armpits! Gah, when it even gets close I get the heebie jeebies. I don't even have a job right now, but when I am done with school I plan on working in a profession where it wouldn't be appropriate to have any visible ones. Since I can't wear a suit and tie, I am quite limited. Also, pretty sure I'll never do the boobs.
  5. andrea

    Book thread

    Oh man, I was so excited to not be going to school over the summer. I thought I was going to read a ton and I have just not read anywhere near as much as I wanted. I read The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry, which was interesting and well-written, sometimes pretty funny. Then my friend begged me to read Water for Elephants, which really just wasn't my scene. I'm absolutely taking suggestions for my next book though. I have four weeks left until school starts again.
  6. How has it taken me so long to watch these? These are amazing. And how stoked am I that during the lulls he whistles along to Memory, from Cats in the background?
  7. Tweeted. I've definitely been on the quiet side of this for exactly the reasons listed there. I feel like spamming my own Facebook with anti-TLC propaganda could just make more people curious to want to check it out and see how bad it could possibly be. Namely, all my relatives who probably watch TLC all day every day anyhow.
  8. This one time I was getting an iced tea and my barista said "I really like your tattoos! They look like an Ed Hardy shirt!" All I could come up with was "Well, they are tattoos."
  9. I absolutely overuse the words awesome and fantastic. At times it even annoys myself, but I'm pretty into it.
  10. I love the pan over to the baseball bat in the middle of his rant.
  11. andrea


    Create a people you don't like circle. I have it and I think I am going to be into it once some more people are on it.
  12. I just downloaded this app yesterday and it is pretty sweet as far as I can tell. The layout is clean and everything is easy to find and read. I don't actually read that many forums, but this definitely made it easier on my phone. It was easy to find the forum and wasn't expensive at all for a no-ad application ($1.99.) The only thing I haven't figured out how to do is 'like' a post. No big deal.
  13. INK. Sweet ink, man. Nice ink. Where do you get inked? Who did your ink? Accccccck.
  14. This definitely happens to me, and I've never really tripped about it. Like said earlier, tattoos are a pretty crazy thing to do to your body. Parts of my tattoos will itch and parts of my outline will get raised or whatever and I just kind of shrug it off with a "Wellp, that's what I get." I also have always had fairly sensitive skin.
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