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  1. Hey guys, I had a chest piece done today by Yoni @ New York Adorned. I occasionally get acne on my chest but didn't have anything noticeable before my session.When I got home, I noticed two small holes in my skin, look like ulcers after googling, with yellow yellow exposed (as you can see attached in the images). My guess is that it was an old pimple or cyst and the skin covering it was ripped off my the needle exposing a dent in the skin with dried yellow pus inside. Has anyone seen anything like this? Thinking about scheduling a dermatologist appointment ASAP, however, I may also
  2. The picture attached is my half sleeve snow lion. I really, really want something and I'm ready for something new. I'm saving my right arm for a sleeve that will probably be many hours and $$ so i want to start doing things under this snow lion. I really like American traditional roses but I feel like the contrast of color and style would look strange right beneath this. Would it be better to do the rose somewhere else and keep with the japanese style smaller pieces below this? Or do I do the trad rose beneath this but no color? Pretty new to this...
  3. I'm relatively new to getting tattoos. I'm working with a artist now on finishing my entire bicep below my older tattoo. The top looks unfinished and I'm looking for a way to I guess, cap off the top. Do you think I should have him work with my bicep and go up and around the older one or should I explore other artists I like and see what their ideas are? Any ideas you have are welcome My tattoos (fresh) Fresh Snow Lion - Album on Imgur
  4. I'm in NYC and all the younger guys are getting american traditional style tattoos. That's what a bunch of shops here showcase and what I see all over instagram as well.
  5. Finishing my half sleeve with Yoni Zilber March 29 with a Mandala, flowers, clouds, bars, whatever he wants to use.
  6. I just got my first visible one but I work in a start up cultured company no one has acted differently towards me
  7. JonBlood


    Might as well ask here while you can
  8. I've been going to NY Adorned and they've been around since the 90's.
  9. Meditating during my sittings has been helpful although I haven't had my ribs done yet. Might not make a difference in that case
  10. If they're asking "what is it?" is this indicative of a bad tattoo? I have a snow lion in an awkward position and I get that question often
  11. Where will Jondix be? Amazing work! - - - Updated - - - Where will Jondix be? Amazing work!
  12. Hey Guys, Some of the most vivid memories of my child hood are my dad's tattoo from the 70s - a rainbow with an ohm over it, and him blasting Guns N' Roses. I've always been drawn to tattoos. I thought the inked girls were the hottest and the guys with tattoos were the coolest but I never got one. It was just something I enjoyed looking at until last month. I finally took the plunge and got something I've wanted for years at Three Kings in Brooklyn. Tattoo Imgur Since getting my first tattoo, my life has changed. After walking out of the shop I already wanted another. I'm trying my best not
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