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  1. this is great! i am an apprentice at goldfield's, and i have really been enjoying my time there and i am learning a lot. i'm not sure if i was there when you dropped in, but i took a look at your flash sheets, which were rad! they will look good on up on the wall, once we get to re-doing it. henry was stoked you brought them by too. that flash sheet of henry's is my favorite one that i've seen by him, it's so rad! and painted the year i was born. the lower right design is a must have for me! let me know if you plan to stop by again, and thanks for sharing!

    naw,,,. I believe only rob was there..

  2. I had a long conversation with the ol man, that envolved why on that stupid tv show they thought it was funny to throw darts at his Big Sheet. I felt he was very eccepting of the future. Im talkin bout GTC. Good Time Charlie Cartwright. On cat v deesss they threw darts at his big sheet like it was some sort of joke.I personally was very offendend.I worked for this man for yrs. none better.I felt this was a great dis respect.why would anyone that knows anything think that shit was funny. sorry ,personal.