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Welcome to back home... (NOT)

Jennifer Stell



So, last nite... after waiting on prints to get to the shop, and then waiting for a few people to come and get their preorders so I didn't have to worry about selling someones print at the West Texas Tattoo Convention this weekend in San Angelo, and then waiting for the 5:30pm traffic hour to die down, we finally got on the road, way too tired from waking up and packing, and then having to deal with some shop drama, I was tired, he was deliriously tired, and we were both anxious about the show.... (ALWAYS get pre-show jitters, not sure why)

We drove two hours, and I found us in my old stomping ground outside of Parker County, TX... A place known for Peaches, and Minerals... I figured, hey, it's dark, my contacts feel like they have glued into my eyes, and I wanted to crash into bed... I pulled over, gassed up the truck, then I looked up and called a motel that I found on my phone that took dogs, as we travel with our puppy... The man answered, yes.... we take pets, and we have king smoking rooms, come on in...

Five minutes later, I'm there, it's been unseasonably warm here, so I forgot to put my hoodie on, and being that I am not used to dealing with "Plain Skins", I lived in Santa Cruz, CA for like the last 6-7 years before getting together with Richard, and I forgot, oh, we're not in California anymore...

Plain Skins - a non tattooed person, with prejudice towards those whom have tattoos, and no want to even try to see beyond skin color.

Well, I go in, I don't look horrible, ( I didn't think), I had worked at the shop busting a little ass cleaning and running around taking care of some errands, and then the 5 AM packing this morning and load up, I know I was a bit tired looking... As soon as I walk in the lobby there was an African America woman using the computer, and she turned to me, " I love your tattoos, so beautiful", I said, thank you, and proceeded to make eye contact with the front desk guy...

"Hi, I just called a bit ago, and asked if you guys accept dogs... I would like to get a room for the nite..." He looked me up and down, and then looked out at my truck, and my pups ears popped up and he looked at Richard, who saw him looking, and waved.. "How many people in truck" to which I said "just two, my husband and me". Then, his eyes, said it all, he paused and looked me over again....

"I have no room I would put you in", shook his head, and put his hands in a crossed fashion across his chest... In my human sexuality classes in college, and in my psych classes, that typically defines a defensive attitude, and a closed decision.

I knew it was my tattoos, my eyes kinda swelled, but when I have makeup on I try to never cry, I refer to it as "war paint", I always wear my makeup on the floor or at shops we're working at as there is no crying in tattooing... It helps me as it's like a comfort blanket... I shook my head, and then nodded, ok, I see....

The lady on the computer turned around having heard and seen most of the exchange, said, "I can't believe... Oh my lord." I looked at her, and said, yup... Get back in the truck, Richard, was like did you get a room, I said no, he didn't have a room for me... Richard, "You just called, they said they did... What happened? I looked at him, I should have worn a hoodie in... Tattoo Prejudice. He was livid (wanted to go in), I couldn't handle anymore shit... and I just pulled out and over to get my bearings back, I hate driving and crying, especially when my contacts already suck... Got back on the road...

Kept thinking about the drama from the shop earlier, then thinking bout the ignorant excuse for a human being at the motel, and used that anger and hurt to fuel my body to get us here to San Angelo before midnight last night....

My stomach is still turning, and it's just cause my heart took a couple blows yesterday....

Oh well, I have been insulted by better people for worse...

Part of me does want to call or write a letter to the hotel chain, and seriously give them a massive wake the fuck up call. But what ever, the show must go on...



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keep your head up jennifer, Hopefully someone will get the tiger that richard just painted tattoed this weekend and you will forget about the pea brain

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jennifer...You write well. you might keep a diary,as you are leading a beautiful and interesting life. someday you ll look back and laugh. I do have a history of good advice on this subject. PM if you need an explanation.

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Very annoying.

I think you should write that letter of complaint - not out of vindictiveness, but if it was a chain that looks for feedback ... Then why not? You might get a free night down the line or something.

Hotels can do bonkers things sometimes. I remember staying in one and coming back to find that they'd decided to move me to another room without telling me (and come in and moved all my unpacked stuff). I lost the plot and read the hotel manager the riot act - no one 'won' that one in the end, we both came away fuming.

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jennifer...You write well. you might keep a diary,as you are leading a beautiful and interesting life. someday you ll look back and laugh. I do have a history of good advice on this subject. PM if you need an explanation.

Thanks for the writing compliment... I like to write, so much so that I do keep a journal, and have sine I was 9 or so...

I sit back and laugh here and there about stuff that I can... I posted it up not wanting any pity, just to get it off my mind... I'll shoot you a PM, and I'm not looking to really make a change that would resonate, I just get tired of waking up feeling like I'm going to vomit (anxiety), for a week after something like this happens... I have a horrible anxiety/panic disorder, and I stopped taking medication for it, so places to vent, help...

It's just been a good chunk of time since I last had to deal with straight up prejudice around tattoos....

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Yeah I think I will at least write a letter or make a phone call, it was a chain hotel, and it was wrong.... But I don't want Richard to get any more irritated with it.... it's a fucked instance, and we have a lot good, little bad isn't a big deal...

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Make me very irritated for you. I've never been denied a hotel room for tattoos, but have been sat in the back corner of an almost empty restaurant (Macaroni Grill) knowing full well why they did it. Sucks in this day and age, but it still happens.

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Yeah Its been a while but a long time ago in Sonoma, Nor Cal, A couple of buddies and I were told ''No tables were available'' hehe. we just walked in and sat down. A pretty fancy joint. Ive never really sweated it. Oh well. Ive got the right to refuse also. I ve never liked the prejudice card.

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