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Just an observation

Shotsie Gorman


It s wonderfull to know unselfish people. I am so tired of phoney,spiritual types who are secretly bitter, fearful, unable to truly live their spiritual teachings in any other than LIP service. I am constantly pushing buttons of those types, hypocrites. All the, alters, bells and incense but no true center. Just their egos! Acting as though, they had control of the universe, could direct it for good or evil intent! Eventually leads to all sorts of tumor growth but never growth into their true paths.


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Oh, I love calling out the people who claim this "My Great Great Grandmother was a Cherokee Princess" thing, it generaly pans out to a 6.5 blood quantam but I always retort that I'm 1/32nd Wicken on my Mothers side, ha!

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Ive met you shotsie but its been like 20 yrs. but anyways, im from SF, I live in Alabama. hypocrites are everywhere. newage hypocrites, baptist hypocrites, whats the difference.

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Unfortunately it seems like hypocrites and idiots make the world go 'round. Hopefully I'll be already dead of old age by the time real life turns into that movie Idiocracy!

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