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  1. ^ and I love your tattoo, I saw it on the other thread! I think I too am quite type a so this is a challenge for me. But I'm going to think it over a bit more and see what instinct says.
  2. Ah, thanks for all the input and reassurances, everyone. I really do appreciate it. I'm glad I'm not being entirely neurotic. I'm going to email and tell her my worries, see if she has time in the next few weeks for a rough sketch. Otherwise I think I'm going to cancel it for now and leave it for a while. I'm only 25, there's plenty of time for this. I've wanted a fox for a long time but there's no hurry, and it doesn't have to be in that location. Thanks guys :)
  3. In unrelated news, it's coming up to our first wedding anniversary and I've been looking at the photos again- I love the glimpses of ink I've got in some of them. For example, this one! Hope no one minds me posting it.
  4. Eevee


    Turns out that the only photo I can find of my back is stolen from my Facebook where I was making a silly collage to show someone the progression. Ah well, better than nothing! Will have to make the husband take a better one some time.
  5. Hi @SeeSea - no, not my first tattoo, but the first arranged by distance rather than with in person consultations. So I won't see the artwork til the day of the appointment and I think that's what's making me nervous - it's a long way for me to travel (to London) if I end up not liking the direction she's taken with the idea or whatever. I realise it's not that long a list in the scheme of things (9-12 months) though. It's just the uncertainty of not knowing what she'll draw up and whether it'll be what I want. It's my first forearm piece so the most 'visible' of the work I've got as
  6. I do not envy you that experience! So this isn't a ladies question in particular but I didn't know if there was another thread that was appropriate and I like it here :) I'm having tattoo fear - my appointment is in December and has been booked since July, and her books are now closed as she's booked til next June. But I'm having doubts and second thoughts and am just very worried. But if I cancel it, it'll be a hell of a wait if I decide to go back and do it again. Argh, I'm so stressed.
  7. ^ That sounds blissful. I think I need to research that method for my December appointment. My feet are peeling, but at least that means the itching is almost over.
  8. I've hit the itchy stage (tattoo was Tuesday) and I want to claw off my skin. Argh.
  9. ^ great colours. I don't know if an Instagram link will work but this was my new little one from Wednesday https://instagram.com/p/7Kx-SjDFLX/
  10. You're right, @sighthound, a walk in the park in the park it was not! Although actually, the first one was absolutely totally fine. It was just the second one that was horrific, and I can't work out why they were so very different!
  11. ^ that is absolutely stunning. I feel a bit creepy staring at your bum but there's so much to see and it's all so amazing. And the modesty panel made me giggle. :D
  12. Yeah I've made sure I've got work-friendly shoes that are like those ballet pump flat style ones to let these babies heal! Foot top wasn't as bad as I'd expected, all told. Horrid on the left one in parts but I think I'd imagined it being far worse for the whole lot. How was your day/session? :)
  13. I am currently on the table! Just small feet pieces today but it blooming well hurts. Totally worth it though. One done, one in progress.
  14. I'm playing a lot of ESO on the ps4 at the moment... but my friend who I was enjoying adventuring with had some personal stuff so had too much to do to play for a few weeks, and now the phasing of the game is different between us so we can't play online together. Meh. Trying to resist playing much until he catches up but it's hard! I'm not at all a "gamer" (leave that to my husband) but I'm really enjoying ESO. Much like I did Skyrim. Apparently open world quests and choose your own adventure type things work for me!
  15. Today I'm off to get both feet done. They're only fairly small so I'm not fretting about the pain (in spite of surprise period arrival yesterday, ugh) but I've realised I'm being a total idiot about what to wear to the shop. My inner monologue is all kinds of "I just want them to think well of me!" and it's so ridiculous! Reading the advice in this thread I'm definitely going to pack ibuprofen. I didn't for my back (which was 5x 4 hour sessions) but I think today might be better safe than sorry. Periods are not fun. Tattoos should be, and I don't want one to interfere with the other!
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