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  1. You just reminded me of one of my favorite images from a set of Spider Murphy flash. Love that griffin/lady at the bottom right. Of course, you won't be getting a lady face on yours, but griffins are cool. I was at Spider Murphy's only once and the person before me got a griffin from Paul Dobelman. It was awesome. If I were to get a griffin, I would have to go back there.
  2. It's not hate, it's love. Love for good tattoos. I didn't know the difference when I first started my tattoo journey either. It pays to stick around here and really see the good stuff and the differences... If the guy has a good personality, that's great--maybe he'd be good in sales. For tattoos, there are people with good personalities who are also really good artists with technical skills. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. @oboogie I love the Amy Winehouse tattoo! @wildcat that tiger is so cool, I love the colors, especially that light blue!!! Awesome stuff guys. Keep up the good work getting good tattoos.
  4. Went to CatConLA last weekend with my daughter!!! We had so much fun. Saw Horitomo, Molly, and Taki from State of Grace. We bought a ton of cat related stuff, two of my favorites being prints featuring David Bowie and Robert Smith w/cats! We bought @DJDeepFried a monmon cat baseball cap. I'm still wanting another monmon cat tattoo... someday...
  5. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, but damn @Lance! Love the new monmon. Great work going on there.
  6. OW! Ok I don't think I've ever complained, or rather, commiserated on here before........but this thigh tattoo still hurts 8 days later. Certain spots are acting up and when I stand it gets worse. Boooo hooooo. Arms and back were not like this for me. I had to stay home from a kid's bday party and I ordered groceries to be delivered today because I just couldn't bear covering it or going anywhere. But I love the tattoo. So, there's that. :)
  7. If you follow me at all on Instagram or Facebook...you've probably seen this. I'm pretty much obsessed with my latest tattoo from Jim Sylvia. As a Bowie fanatic, and a cat lover.... all arrows pointed toward me needing this tattoo that I got last night. It's a great feeling you get when you pick the right person for the job. I had never met Jim before, but have been admiring his work for the past couple years. Finally figured out what I needed from him. Great guy. Solid, talented, skilled, accomodating. <3
  8. Last time was in June when I got my Chris Conn lady head. I have the itch. I e-mailed someone who I really want a tattoo from about a week and a half ago and he wrote back yesterday saying, yes, he'd love to tattoo my idea. Next step...go by for an in-person consultation, put down a deposit and book the date. YAY!
  9. I have some cat tattoos myself...and I wear long sleeve shirts to work every day, although I sometimes pull up the sleeves a little and tattoos show. I don't remember consciously making a choice that now I will go from having a few tattoos to being a more heavily tattooed person, it just happened when I started getting really good tattoos and wanting them to continue or get bigger. The tiger on my left arm went from being just a tiger on my upper arm to being a 3/4 sleeve because I liked what the artist was saying & drawing and it just kept getting bigger and more involved. I guess I realized during those sessions that it might change how I had to dress sometimes but it was a price I was willing to pay. More cats in the planning process for me. You can never go wrong with more cats. :-D
  10. This is definitely not as shitty as some of the shitty things I have seen on here so really, not complaining...but I got all my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday and I haven't been able to eat anything solid since. I had to sit there and watch @DJDeepFried and our daughter eat chocolate babka on Christmas morning yesterday while I had another apple sauce... :(
  11. I have no upcoming tattoos. I'm just posting here because I'm starting to get that feeling like I should have some upcoming tattoos. There's a bunch of stuff I want. Thinking about some type of black & gray underboob thing from Nate Kostechko, a second monmon cat from Horitomo, and possibly a fox on my leg from Jim Sylvia. None of these are booked, just in my head. Gotta start somewhere...
  12. ^^your tattoo artist can do that for you! Here are some to look at: https://www.google.com/search?q=BJ+Betts+script+tattoos&espv=2&biw=1162&bih=586&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjW7ePuwfjJAhVI4WMKHVP1AoMQ_AUIBigB#tbm=isch&q=BJ+Betts+lettering+tattoos
  13. Omg @The Tig, he must be stopped! Show him this video! I have see nose-picking EVERY day at work, but it's because I work with kids who don't know better! I'll get the double-pickers, two fingers way up there and I try to gently explain that this can spread germs and isn't polite to do in front of people. But no, this guy... :eek:
  14. I like the idea of imagery...but I also don't mind script. With script I'd say keep it simple. You could get an image that resonates with you with something like the word "trust" under it...as in, trust yourself, rather than the OCD thoughts... I almost said No Doubt, but that can't be used for obvious reasons haha. Since OCD is a struggle, two fighting animals could pertain... a knife through something (slaying OCD)... or maybe just a peaceful image of how you would feel having overcome it, like a flower. Any image that strikes a chord with you. You would know what it meant. If you get writing (or an image for that matter), like @marley mission mentioned, don't design it yourself, go to an artist who is amazing at what you want.
  15. It's nice she's coming to terms with it! I have a little girl, beautiful and perfect in every way...and the other night when @DJDeepFried was reading her bedtime stories I overheard her saying she wanted to cover her arms in tattoos, "like mama's." I just smiled and thought that was so sweet. Whether it happens or not, she will always be beautiful and perfect to me. That's the generational difference!
  16. Well, not quite there yet but close... 46 and still getting tattooed! Tattoos are healing fine. My age probably only makes a difference in what I can afford and what I decide to get...
  17. 3 cats (1 monmon, 1 tiger, 1 small black silhouette) Come to think of it, yep, I need more cats. You probably need more owls. I have an owl too, btw! Just 1 though.
  18. I think, while there are of course many people who dislike tattoos, for the most part--people don't care what you do with your own skin. As you shouldn't and probably don't care what they do with theirs!
  19. @polliwog, we got the Derby Girl book in the mail today. She is already nearly halfway through it. She's always been a pretty good reader, but I've never seen her this enthusiastic about a book! :D
  20. That looks pretty! I think there are tons of things that could work in the open spaces, you just need to work it out with your artist. I have black and gray roses, too, on my right arm...along with a bunch of other stuff that my artist and I thought would look cool.
  21. Trader Joe's has a moisturizing cream that's $3.99 for 16 oz. When my tattoos are in the dry stage of healing, a little of this and they heal beautifully. I've been using the same bottle for the past few years/several tattoos. No need for any fancy tattoo-specific aftercare.
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