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    An American girl living in a tower with a little black dog.
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    Trying to be the best I can, mostly through drinking coffee.
  1. In my opinion with highly visible tattoos a lot of it comes down to content. I have seen a girl with her knuckles reading B-A-K-E S-A-L-E and I have seen a dude with knuckles reading F-I-S-T F-U-C-K. On the scale of stuff-you-think-your-grandma-would-be-okay-with those are obviously very different.
  2. The thing about this is so many of them are bad tattoos covered up with even bigger bad tattoos. Sadface.
  3. I like to: Leave the bandage on over night (even though the freaking tape kills me. Usually my tattoo is healed before the redness from the tape is.) Wake up. Shower in hot water. Use soap and wash your tattoo in the shower with your (clean!) hand, rubbing it gently until all the gross stuff is gone and it feels like skin. Get out of shower. Use a hair drier on tattoo to make it totally dry. Apply ointment and rub it in really well so your skin is just slightly lubed. I like Badger Balm, I feel like the mintiness counteracts the itchiness and it stays put for a while. Repeat as neede
  4. Whenever I get a sunburn I neck an NSAID like iburprofen or aspirin. Kill the inflammation from the inside.
  5. I like how this story end with going to Denny's. That is a happy ending.
  6. peonyfish


    My most recent tattoo was in San Francisco at Black and Blue Tattoo, my one before that was at Diamond Jack's in Soho, the next one will hopefully be at Frith St. Is it wrong that I want Miles to do it because he is left handed? I am saving up at the moment and planning. Measure twice cut once is what I say.
  7. peonyfish


    Thanks you guys! My foot rose hurt a lot, the dude kept wiping it super super hard with like rough kitchen towel. A Patterdale is a little dog, they are small, but kind of badasses. I am happy to be here, I have been reading for ages.
  8. Rose on my foot, done about four days ago by Jaime at Black and Blue Tattoo, San Francisco.
  9. peonyfish


    Hi, I'm Jess, I live in London. I have a little black Patterdale and I ride my bike everywhere. I got my first tattoo at seventeen, then none for ten years, and now have got two in three months, with more in the works. Nice to meet you!
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