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    Small business owner, not a tattoo artist, who is a major fan of craftsmanship, i.e. things created with one's hands. Was introduced to tattoos via the usual suspect shows, but is glad to discover the tattoo world is 'so much bigger on the inside.' Saving cash, getting my lifestyle arranged, so I can ultimately travel around the world, getting the tattoos I want, from the artists I want, wherever I want.
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    North Florida, it's true here, the further north you go in Florida, the further South you are in USA
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    Reading, craftsmanship, posting on forums.
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    Own a small business, started out as a chocolate shop (plan A)....economy went south...on Plan G now

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  1. @Lance Thank you for the reply to my inquiry. The details/depth that these stories involve are pretty amazing. Thank you for the link and thoughts, lots to mull over while saving and hoping to get an appointment in the mid-future. Cheers!
  2. @Lance Thank you for the write up about Shige's seminar. That was really awesome to read. I'm curious what the stories that Shige mentioned were and if he pointed to any resources in English that someone could look towards to get ideas from, as a Client. Thank you again!
  3. GORUCK just put up a new series of events on their page, should check it out: https://www.goruckchallenge.com/?__utma=1.1671819010.1350304324.1357055799.1357143070.17&__utmb=|utmccn=%28referral%29|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/gear-explained/gr1-explained-by-jason-goruck%E2%80%99s-founder/&__utmv=-&__utmk=99973662
  4. @dcostello: I'm doing the Jacksonville Challenge on the June 15th/16th, I didn't realize, I think Florida has the most Challenges. It's a night challenge. Thank you all the heads up, will definitely apply it to my training. Will definitely send off a PM to you. Thank you! Have a Great New Year!
  5. Signed up for one this Summer. "Looking forward to it." What parts of your training for the GORUCK worked out best for you on the night?
  6. @slayer9019: Saw this today and thought you would be interested: Hello Sailor! The Nautical Roots of Popular Tattoos | Collectors Weekly
  7. Thank you for posting these pictures. I can't get past the 'nazi question.' But very much appreciate having the photos out there. Anyone know what is up with the Phantom of the Opera mask the second picture? More interesting that blurring out a face.
  8. :p Or rather, 'not at all.'
  9. Ummm....no offense, but doubts they are hanging 'Strange Fruit' in eastern Kentucky these days....
  10. Feynman was a great man. Personally, whether God exist or not, is a dead end question. I live my life by a certain code. If there is a God, then I hope it's enough. If not, well....probably wasn't my kind of crowd to begin with.
  11. Not a believer, but kinda has a soft spot for those that are.
  12. Not a film, but one of the best tattoo plot devices. Prison Break:
  13. Excited, though now there are going to be TWO characters who I can barely understand when they speak?!?
  14. As Mark Twain, also said, 'It's not what you don't know. It's what you know, that just ain't so.'
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