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  1. Some great tattoos posted on this page! Got this one yesterday from Jan Willem (@janwillemtattoo) at Bont en Blauw tattoo Rotterdam. Asked for a octopus filler and this is what he drew up. immediately said yes to his idea and this is the end result. Edit: all other work except the partially visible black skull is done by Jan Willem as well
  2. +1 So glad i joined the forum when I did, and met some great people who turned into real life friends. Just popped back in to see what new stuff has been posted and all the drama and bitching/disrespectful comments make me regret it allready. I'll just stick to lurking latest tattoo lowdown i guess
  3. all of you have been getting killer tattoo's lately! This page is packed with quality
  4. RIP Eli Falconette. Such a loss for tattooing.
  5. I have the same, but for me it shows im logged in as @Graeme whenever I open LST in Chrome. As soon as I click on any thread, it fixes itself and logs me in. Pretty weird haha
  6. Great first tattoo! I bet you're allready planning your next one haha. Can't go wrong with Pedro, he's still on my wish list for sure
  7. I always dryheal so the amount of flakey goodness i produce can get a bit out of control ;)
  8. Elbow ditch was a surprisingly fast heal for me, only took 1,5 week for it to scab and peel (peal?) Anyway here is a video for the end result: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIsgSswgEFY/?taken-by=chrisvank
  9. You're a trooper for sitting for 2 consecutive days like that! It allready looks absolutely amazing, can't wait to see how this will look once finished. Enjoy the ride man!
  10. This was the reason I joined the forum 5 years ago, and that most of my posts are from 5-4 years ago. Nowadays I mostly lurk the latest lowdown thread and not much else. More than half the people here have no fucking clue what Jack Rudy, and other tattooers that have been at it for as long as him, did for todays tattooartists. /rant
  11. Hmm weird, lets try again! I can't seem to find the edit post option so i appologize in advance for posting this one again to anyone who has allready seen it ;) The first picture is how it looked 10 minutes after it was done last monday. Now it looks like it does on the second picture and itches like hell.
  12. Thats weird, for me its still there. Is it broken for anyone else? Ill try to send it to you in a PM ;)
  13. Happends to me a lot on google chrome, but not when i use firefox.
  14. Spend yesterday afternoon in the chair of Jan Willem (@janwillemtattoo) in Rotterdam. Drew a Peony on my elbow ditch with this as the result: Pretty stoked on the end result!
  15. So good! Dane is such a funny guy. When i was getting tattooed by Giacomo, he kept looking over his shoulder and telling him how much he fucked up and how much im going to regret the tattoo he was doing on me haha. Needles to say the tattoo turned out perfect ;)
  16. Everything on this space is nothing short of amazing!
  17. Getting my left elbow ditch done next month. Gonna get a rose with the vine coming up on my bicep to fill up a spot that has been bothering me for some time now. Not looking forward to healing an elbow in the hottest month of the year ;) Also a bit nervous since it will be the first tattoo that will be visible when I have rolled up sleeves. Probably gonna get some more small tattoos at the end of july/august as well
  18. ChrisvK


    Hey man, welcome to the forum! Where in Italy are you located? If you're north I'd definitely suggest going to Inkamatic in Trieste. Both Dane Mancini and Giacomo Sei Dita are amazing artists, and fun dudes to hang out with. Do you have tattoo's allready or are you looking into getting your first?
  19. Saw this one on his IG, and on the blackclawneedle page as well. absolutely stunning man, congrats! When i zoom in on it I can see what Ron ment about the needles being amazing
  20. Love the folk art vibe in this piece. I envy you for this one!
  21. Welcome to the forum! Regarding your question: Why don't you just get a sick tattoo from a great local artist in places you visit? That way you can make you're own "world map" without having to cram a lot of tiny pins and airplanes on a worldmap outline. The way you described your tattoo it will only look uncluttered and stand the test of time if you dedicate a large portion of your back to it. Lets be honest, a rock of ages or battle royal would look so much better on your back ;) Also tattooing over an already existing tattoo can be done, but do it too often and scar tissue will form on those spots just my 0.02
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