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  1. I met with Chad last night and got tattooed. What a cool experience! It was his last tattoo for the day and Jeff Zuck pulled up a chair and bull shit with us for a while. Both of those guys are so humble and down to Earth. Had a great time and I am thrilled with the tattoo Chad gave me.
  2. I am not sure when he starts the clock on this but he is coming through Michigan in March. I got him to pencil me in about a week before he announced this tour. Super excited about this! Even for a well traveled dude this is gunna be a crazy schedule. Im not sure what I'm getting. Told him to tattoo something that would be "fucking rad" as he would say. crawling tiger/panther... dagger through something awesome like a lion head or crazy squirrel head or polar bear. just something bad ass on the back of my arm. we shall see what he comes up with.
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    Hello everyone! I have been lurking a long time and thought I would finally register. I am from South East Michigan. I have been tattooed by 5 different people in the area. started 10 years ago on my legs and took a few years off. I am back at a place in life where I can get tattooed again and am excited about learning more of the history and culture. Thanks for building such a cool community here! What is the secret to make tattoos not look like shit in pictures? tried to take a few pictures and they look terrible haha.
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