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  1. Hahaha! Those are the worst kind of tattoo forum trolls - the ones without tattoos. lol
  2. I HATE when people tell me "do what you want!". I prefer people to come in, show me something I've done and say, "I really like the way you did that. I want to get a blah blab blah on my [whatever area]. I was thinking of maybe adding some [whatever]. What are your thoughts?" More often than not, if someone tells me to do what I want, and I draw something big, they get really upset because they didn't want that much coverage, or they didn't want that type of flower or whatever. I'll show someone a drawing. If they want some minor changes, ok, but I won't do several drawings. If they are comi
  3. He does some really nice work. The book he is referring to in some of his pinup tattoos is really amazing too. Nice to see that he gives credit. Not too many people do that.
  4. Strong artists will continue to survive, as there are thankfully still enough people out there who know good tattoos from crap tattoos. It also boils down to self-promotion. If an artist doesn't do any self-promotion, how do they expect anyone to find them, and see how their work clearly stands above the dude's down the street?
  5. Stars and dots or spiderwebs. Otherwise, you end up looking like a doodle pad (unless that's the look you want).
  6. I wish networks would stop making these shows. They are either disrespectful to the tattoo community (Tattoo School), or they give people the wrong idea about getting work done (they walk into a shop wondering why they have to make an appointment to get a backpiece "It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to draw - that's how it is on tv").
  7. It's not difficult to add a Japanese style background to an image of a rose, if that's what you want. Your best bet is to decide on an image you want on your foot, then look at artists you are willing to travel to, to get work done by. Once you find an artist who's work you like, you can meet them and tell them what you want in your tattoo, tell them how big you'd like it, and go from there.
  8. It's always very sad to see artists without integrity who can't come up with their own designs, so they take the easy way out and copy someone else's piece. Who knows though, the client could have come in with a picture of Ms. Vargas' tattoo and told the artist, "I want THAT. Don't make any changes". Most artists won't accept that type of work, but some are more than happy to adjust a few things here and there to make an easy buck. It's an unfortunate part of the age of the internet. If you post it, someone, somewhere will rip it off.
  9. Been tattooing for a while. Site seemed like it might be interesting Thanks.
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