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  1. That sounds like so much fun...! For the other side if not done already? Posey Arm Splint - Assist Ireland
  2. - - - Updated - - - i think the indiana jones hand tattoo in white with with the best quote in Cinematic History "you're going need a bigger boat" would make such a cool tattoo, quote obviously in black ink...!!!! "
  3. Ha ha home alone, reminded me of the scene in Indiana jones when the bad guy picks up the hot medallion.
  4. Ha Ha. And what a nice pair they were too....
  5. @else. Too cool for skool that tiger.......
  6. bulldog


    Love this tattoo, it's too cool....
  7. @Eilin ill call you with my spliff/joint with a face complete with bloodshot stoned eyes, best pic I can find is this after its 2nd laser. Has since been covered and my mates are gutted as they had 22years of taking the piss out of this one. My bat and moon is looking considerably better now its had the crap knocked out of it by laser for the 6th time......me hoping ill have no more bad tattoos by year end...:)
  8. @TrixieFaux not too bad at all, i'm still easily winning with my POS!!! ha ha you say cover with a panther, i need to try a picture of my worse tattoo which has in fact been covered with a panther. :p - - - Updated - - - @CultExciter Yea think that being mike Malone flash counts that out ever being that bad....;)
  9. Ha ha. And I still have worse to post...! Thought it would be some light hearted fun to laugh at our bad tattoos.
  10. We found LST and now get good tattoos but what before? We must of got some bad tattoos on the way.... Here we can post our bad tattoos and the story behind them I'll start with one of mine, done when I was 16 some 22 years ago, even when new people asked what it was, it's a bat moon and 3 stars by the way...!
  11. I vaguely remember a nightmare after getting my first tattoo 22years ago. It involved me cutting my arm off because I thought it would look cool/tough and all my mates was doing it. Obviously ended up regretting this decision when I realised how it hindered me in life, woke up to see my tattooed arm still there with relief.
  12. Yes a liar, thief and stupid if he thought he could get away with stealing such a renowned tattoo artists work.
  13. My girl has started getting on my case to slow down, I have been getting a tattoo at a rate of approx 1 a month for the last year, which is cool as with my laser also i am getting fed up with always having something healing. Even so I have booked my next tattoo in two months time which I will mention a couple of days before to limit the nagging. She also has asked me not to tattoo my legs, looks like ill have to by some long socks in the future too!! Considering she has no tattoos she is pretty cool about tattoos though.
  14. bulldog

    Dagger through neck

    Valerie Vargas
  15. bulldog

    Dagger through neck

    Valerie Vargas
  16. When I get a pimple I usually squeeze the heck out of it and can't leave it alone, it ends up massive. On that basis I recommend squeezing the heck out of it and you might end up with a full back piece.
  17. Here's my last two Panther by Stewart Robson Eagle by Valerie Vargas
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    Valerie Vargas
  19. bulldog


    Stewart Robson