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  1. @dresgsallo neither are particularly difficult to heal. Get it where you'll want it the most in the long run.
  2. @Rad Kelham -- thanks! It's way different from my original vision but in a great way. I had in mind a more knife-like bolt but it was so directional and orderly. This really gets the chaos and destruction across.
  3. Thank you. I'm not trying to replace my hairline or anything and it often looks like a scuba suit if you have your neck tattooed and into a full head. I don't care what other people do but that's not my chosen aesthetic. It's more about getting the important images than coverage for me. @Rad Kelham - - - Updated - - - In fact I gave Jeff Zuck more space to work with but he felt like this was the best approach for this particular image and I'm inclined to agree...vs stretching images or elements for the sake of coverage.
  4. Another Jeff Zuck piece from the Roc City Tattoo Expo. Rad guy, Great tattooer.
  5. Yeah...i'm suddenly reminded why I haven't been on here in a long time. Have at it, kids.
  6. this isn't all those other trades. each industry self regulates as it sees fit. @xcom if you're still here...the "sin" is in doing it. Asking is how you get to know something, nothing wrong with that... and your English doesn't have to be perfect for your questions and contributions to be worth something here.
  7. One I did. The wearer has one sleeve already. Started this one from the bottom up.
  8. I can only speak for myself but I think you'll find the overwhelming majority would agree that if there is such a thing as intruding into our industry (and there is), collecting the tools of our trade is the definition of it.
  9. @Suiren I get it though. That's the beauty of the different approaches people have, not just to tattoos but how they approach their own appearance as a whole. I do think it's important not to compromise what works with the body for the sake of what works with clothes but beyond that, why not factor it in.
  10. @Rad Kelham Consequence is an iffy thing. Plenty of people can do their thing and not pay for it...it's not that I think everyone is going to face a backlash...just they they should be prepared for the likelihood and be the kind of person that will be ok with it. It might only matter on one day in a person's life -- a job interview, a courtroom, meeting the prospective in-laws...it shouldn't matter but sometimes it does. One might never know what judgment was passed on them as it will have happened silently, getting passed over. I don't get it. i feel like a lot of people are counting out the best people they've never met -- based on appearance -- but that's life or at least it can be. I'm fine with my choices. Im getting my head done next week, might creep onto my face a bit if the design calls for it. We shall see. Anything my tattoos exclude me from I don't want to be a part of. I've chosen a path that allows for that...as have you, it would seem.
  11. @Suiren more power too you for getting tattooed *your* way. Funny, to me it makes perfect sense to consider your skin tone. Tattoo ink/pigments not only show up against your skin but through it...I tend not to think of how it works with clothes as it's a part of you and to my own eye reads as neutral...even if that's just a social pass. not unlike wearing jeans -- they read as neutral, not blue. You can wear things with blue jeans that you'd never wear with blue twill for example. - - - Updated - - - To the overall topic -- I get what I get. Currently a seemingly random smattering of traditional tattoos, eventually almost full coverage. Right now my sleeves, neck, chest and part of my leg are done. Saving my other leg and torso for larger work. I haven't been tattooed in a while but it's time to start knocking out the big stuff.
  12. To each his/her own but to me heavy coverage on the face looks like a mask. I could never get that done. I've thought of something small on the templ but will likely keep it all behind the temple on my shaved head. I won't do a face tattoo on anyone who hasn't worked their way up to it or otherwise separated themselves out socially in a significant way. I cringe at the #facetattoo hashtag on ig...a bunch of kids who demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the heaviness of their actions. Face tattoos, more than maybe any other place, should be reserved for people who have paid their dues, made their own way in life, are prepared to disregard convention and take those consequences. Too many people these days want to give society the middle finger and sit there, pouting with their mandala covered face in their ironically tattooed hands when society gets the message.
  13. It's best to regard our own rules lightly...especially where skull tattoos are concerned. I love when an idea comes together like that. I knew for years I wanted to get my head tattooed and kept thinking of things to put there...I guess it always seemed a bit contrived and life kept getting in the way and put it on hold anyway. Suddenly the idea for this tattoo struck me -- and it had to go where it's going, now and by this artist. @mmikaoj
  14. After four or five years without getting a tattoo...I've got an appointment with Jeff Zuck in less than a week! I'm getting a lightning bolt ripping through a heart -- on the side of my head. It's a bit more involved than that, you'll see. I'll be sure to post up in the appropriate thread.
  15. Here's one I did tonight based on an Amund Dietzel eagle head.
  16. Nice. You remind me of when I got my Triumph. The story of when you get that bike is an awesome thing indeed. I love the single carb, let the other guy have twice the trouble.
  17. My wife and I are celebrating 16 years of marriage having been told by everyone we were doomed from the start since we were young, foolhardy and poor, I've had some really good single malt scotch lately (Talisker Storm and Ardbeg Uigeadail), my frustrating bike (66 Triumph) is about to be back in proper action soon and I've lost 60 lbs.
  18. Head tattoos are generally for the kind of people who don't seek the opinions of others or have to consider how to hide them.
  19. . I can understand that. I've got nothing to go on but the music. Thanks for posting Sedition. There's a lot of stuff I should have heard and haven't, living in small towns in Pennsylvania, USA .
  20. Eff what you've heard. Don't worry about what is common. Get tattooed for yourself without concern for what other people do. That starts with not caring whether how you approach it is similar to how others approach it. Before there was an internet and the false assurance of general consensus there were people getting tattooed any way they could. Don't worry about whether it's normal, just worry about whether it will work. The one thing I would say, as a tattooer... do not compromise the image. Don't go the cheap route, sacrificing the quality of a permanent tattoo on your permanent body to meet your temporary means. Your body is forever and you will regret it...eventually if not instantly. And when you have an artist that you trust to do it, take his or her advice. They may say to hold off til you can afford a large enough portion that it will look fluid in the end. Don't try to get one corner done, then a little over here and some in the middle if it will look like disjointed sections poorly stitched together. Always be thinking of the whole. Some styles can be tackled in sections but much of the beauty of a back piece is its wholeness as a large piece. Sometimes this means a whole outline of the principle image has to happen first.
  21. Chumbawamba...it's unfortunate more people don't know them (and their other iterations: antidote, scab aid) for their earlier anarchopunk. 30 years of music and they get shrugged off as 90s party pop.
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