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  1. Some of mine have done this...feels more like a "nervy" sensation under the skin than anything else, for me (not sunburnish - more just really itchy or sensitive to touch). With mine, it normally goes away within 4-5 months or so - which is when any rough spots in the tattoo tend to smooth out as well. That's just me, of course, and everyone's different, but my .02, for what it's worth...
  2. Here's the new one! Andrew is a genius - I love how it turned out! :-)
  3. Thanks all. :-) Andrew Hauck has done all my recent work (everything you see here), SStu. I should have clarified that. He does excellent work, and what he draws up is always far better than the basic ideas I give him to start with. My new one to tie that right forearm together is...well, just amazing. I'll post a pic as soon as I can take the wrap off and wash it up...
  4. Greetings! I've been lurking for months, and figured maybe it's been long enough to start getting creepy. So, here I am, all registered and introducing myself. I'll try to keep it shortish (I tend to be long-winded in text). I've always been fascinated by tattoos, and got my first one as a gift for myself just after my 18th birthday (very conservative parents - no way would they sign off earlier). It was done by a popular local shop and I was pleased at the time, but it did not age well (as no small lettering in another language will), and I got tired of translating it for people pretty quickly. Lesson learned. It was on my right shoulder blade, and I got two more done before I stopped tattooing in my early 20's. My then-boyfriend/now-husband is not a big fan of tattoos. Jump forward 20 yrs, and my husband encouraged me to go ahead and get another tattoo if that's what I wanted. I think he realized I wasn't just going to stop thinking about it. I warned him that if I started again, I probably wouldn't stop, and still waited until my 40th birthday to get my fourth tattoo. That was nearly 2 yrs ago, and I've gotten five more since (plus my first one covered up, so six), with an appointment for another tomorrow. They make me happy. :-) Here are the most recent pieces (all on my forearms except the snake/quill, which is on my right outer calf)...tomorrow I get a lace/rose piece of some sort (won't know exactly until I get there) for the opposite side of my skull cameo forearm. I'm pretty excited to see what the artist (Andrew Hauck/Ghosts of Grace Tattoo Collective) has drawn up for me! Thanks for letting me join - nice to "meet" you.. .
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