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  1. I am tattoed but my girlfriend has no interest in getting tattoos. She does have a strong appreciation for them, especially for the artwork & culture. So far she is really supportive in me getting tattoed. She has been with me for 2 of my seshs & her being a social butterfly, has really sparked good conversations with the artist. Im much more quiet, so she makes the experience more enjoyable. I hope to bring her around in future work & maybe she'll change her mind someday.
  2. Sweeet! Im curious to see the piece below the heart.
  3. Don't forget to tip your artist & include that into your budget.
  4. My first tattoo was with one of those blacklight inks. I gotten a rose on my hand when i was 17. It was not well done, kinda dotty & sketchy but it was interesting considering it can only be seen under a black light. It faded away completely after half a year I believe.
  5. Remind yourself of the other 99 percent of the tattoo that was done right, rather than the 1 percent dot. We are all from the same imperfect race, human :)
  6. My uncle had a bad ass chest piece of a sancha wearing a sombrero he scored in prison. It was very similar to Danny Trejo's chest piece. I was about 4 years old, & kinda understood it was a drawing that never erased. I was intrigued. My mom never liked to talked about it, she said it was a mistake for him, but I knew he was proud of it. My uncle got caught dealing 14000 dollars worth of coke to an undercover. Betrayed by his best friend. He was than later deported back to Mexico, where I think he got another tattoo of an acoustic guitar on his upper arm.
  7. My mom was furious, & didn't speak to me for a few months, & said she disowns me as a son. I was 21, I had gotten two tarot cards on each of my upper arms during May just hitting the 100+ degree summer. I had kept it a secret for a few weeks but she got suspicious to why I was wearing long sleeve shirts during this dead heat weather. I couldn't take it so I eventually showed her. My mother was raised in a small christian farm town in Mexico, her views were very traditional in which I can respect. She freaked out & kicked me out. Now she refuses to have me any where near her side of the family, especially back home in Mexico where my 98 y/o grandpa resides. Who I would love to explore his life and our family origins. Definitely a bummer. But that is just who she is & I accept her. There no changing her, believe me I tried. I love my mother to death like any other son would. She's the only one I got, & my father passed on when I was 3. But I imagine he wouldn't be too fond of it either considering his brother was quite upset with my tattoos.
  8. Howdy, My name is Said coming from Las Vegas. I've been having the good joy of drawing & painting for the most part of my life & am now interested in building a portfolio for the hopes of approaching an apprenticeship. I've been eyeballing around the forums for some months now & I've decided to finally join. I am honestly excited to learning the values, history, & good ethics of the craft. Really anything to build the right mindset & attitude. Overall, I look forward to interacting with you guys & absorbing as much information. I appreciate Scott Sylvia for the interview videos & the spark of this site, for its has helped shed light into the craft. Heres some of my few pieces i've had the pleasure of doing for bands. Feel free to throw in some constructive critiscism!
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