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  1. Another ditto. Well, I've never been tattooed at a shop that burns incense. I've walked passed them on St. Marks, they're the kinds of shops that also sell bongs and fake IDs...at least around here.
  2. I just healed my tattoo with Tegaderm for the first time and I'm in love. I did get some minor irritation around the edges from the adhesive, but even including the irritation it was worth basically ignoring my tattoo for 3 days instead of babying it. I took it off and it had some minor peeling and now it's slightly sensitive which is understandable for a week and a couple of days old tattoo. I was worried it wouldn't work for me because at first it peeled up real easily and leaked, but I didn't fully dry the tattoo/area before applying it, once I did that and replaced the bandage I was golden
  3. I got my first tattoo on a whim. My best friend and I would drive around and just talk and got talking about how we wanted tattoos that represented where we were from. That became "let's find a shop and get them done tonight!" and an hour later we both has terrible outlines of the NYC skyline, mine on my hip and his on his upper leg. Blown out lines, buildings mixed up, completely regrettable. But I still love it because it represents the time in my life when we'd drive to the beach and walk the boardwalk for hours just talking about anything and everything, being a carefree 19 year old colleg
  4. I have two tattoos with absolutely no black, one that's almost 5 years old that's held up great over the years. It's nothing close to watercolor, there's a clear outline, just done in reds and blues, mainly. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  5. I've never had an outright rejection, just silence when I emailed the artist once his books opened up again. I decided to go in another direction completely with the subject I sent him and it worked out for the best, but it did suck.
  6. My husband has no tattoos, just because he doesn't really know what to get or cares enough to put the effort into finding an artist and booking an appointment. He is alright with mine, he probably wishes I wasn't so obsessed with getting more, but I wish he wasn't so obsessed with MMOs and we can't always get what we want :P My husband appreciates the fact that I research artists and pay for good work, I don't think he'd like my tattoos that much if they weren't good. I'm hoping one day he does decide to pull the trigger and get a tattoo, he has a couple of good "if I did get one, it migh
  7. Why thank you! The apple was my first visible tattoo and when my grandma finally saw it she said "That's so spooky! Why did you get something so spooky?!" which I thought was the best reaction. Especially now that there's a little ladybug hanging around the apple it makes it less spooky at least :P I'm hoping my next one is even more cheerful, gonna go back to an artist for the first time ever and I know she'll knock it out of the park.
  8. Totally! This is my Tali, she's hanging out with my little grey kitty, also named Tali. I also attached a picture of my other arm, the poison apple from Snow White. Since I took that picture I've added slightly to it, now there's a little pink lady bug underneath the apple, my best friend of ~18 years and I got matching ladybugs.
  9. Thanks! :) Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks! She did a similar flower in the same spot a few weeks before and when I saw that placement on her insta I knew that's where mine needed to go. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  11. My parents still don't know about my first tattoo. I got it with my best friend on a whim one night when we were 19 and it's on my hip so there's no chance of anyone seeing it unless I actively want them to see it. It's terrible, blown out lines and the artist didn't listen to what I wanted, just yesed us to death and then did whatever he wanted, so I'm glad it's completely hidden. They think the next tattoo I got after I'd already moved out was my first and I may keep it that way if only to avoid having to show them my embarrassingly terrible first tattoo. My [Jewish] parents alwa
  12. Thank you! The polish is by Jackie Huertas at Davinci Tattoo in Wantagh, LI, NY (I think I'll be going back to her for my next one, something I've never done!), the Tali is by Mark Ford when he was at Sacred Tattoo in NYC, the Violet is by Joice at Bang Bang in NYC.
  13. Well then, obviously I must oblige. The heart is what I just had done Sunday. Sadly, I'm a bleeder, so fresh pictures rarely come out instagram-worthy. Hopefully my attachments worked, I'm used to embedding pictures with html on forums, so please let me know if I should do something differently next time. I have a few other tattoos, but these are the ones I have pictures for right now.
  14. Hello all, I recently found this forum when searching for some Tegarderm anecdotes/experiences and I really like the community and the kinds of things posted, so I've decided to stick around. I just got my most recent tattoo this past Sunday and I'm already itching for my next one. I have a handful of tattoos, all full color, some different styles and I mainly stick to one and done pieces so there's not all that much cohesion but I like them and they're well done so haters gonna hate :P I'm excited to participate in threads and share some of my tattoos and see what y'all think.
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