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  1. @Caine22 Look up pictures of dragons done by good artists - Horiyoshi 3, Shige, Leu, Mick...many more... Determine what you like and take examples to your tattooer. He should be able to help from there. If he or she needs more than that, chances are you have the wrong artist for the job. Just my opinion...color can be very subjective and can be limited to what has already been done to the piece. (You likely won't be getting very vibrant colors in areas already shaded dark) However, an artist with experience doing this style will likely have a few classic color schemes that would work.
  2. It's this concept that makes me thankful for every opportunity I've been given to be a tattooer and make my living marking people. My only hope is that I contribute something of substance and value and not take advantage or neglect the fact that I've been given a gift. Thanks, Deb.
  3. Moral of the story: This is exactly why I tell my clients to come to me with problems healing etc. rather than friends uncles or online forums. Going to the internet for advice is a surefire way to get a dozen conflicting opinions by potentially unqualified people. (Read - DANGER! BAD IDEA!!?!) If your tattooer can't or is unwilling to help you, that should be a sign that you need a different tattooer.
  4. Is it seriously your first pimple? Jesus. Keep your dirty fingers off of it and don't pop it. Else you just might get that infection after all.
  5. 1. Upside-down tattoos (Tattoos that face the wearer rather than correctly facing the viewer) and the same arguments that come as a result of trying to persuade them to get it right. ("But it's for me!"etc...) 2. Hawk-eyes. Those who try to follow every movement and every line on the skin as though they are actually moving the needles with telepathy. A bonus is when they swing their head the other direction in the middle of lining to see who just walked in the door. "No charge for that extra line, friend-o" 3. People who refer to permanent things (tattoos) with vague or intangible answers. "How much for a name- where, how big and what style?" "On my arm. Not very big. Regular letters..." 4. Folks who ask the line of questions that are the equivalent of playing Stairway to Heaven in a guitar store. "What's the craziest tattoo you've ever one? What's the most painful place to get a tattoo? Have you been an artist all your life?" I understand being nervous and unaware of how annoying some things can be...but it's still annoying. Plus many others already mentioned.
  6. Are you sure the smell isnt the ointment? A&D has a distinct smell. Looks like a pimple rather than what I would consider an infection, but your artist should be able to help you more than a bunch of random folks speculating on the internet. I not, hit the doc-in-a-box.
  7. Hi, my name is Jesse Blunt. I've enjoyed watching this forum grow so much in between infrequent visits and I'm impressed with the quality of conversation I've witnessed. I hope to be checking back more often and eventually have something to contribute. I've been a tattooer for 4 years now and I've just started learning what it takes to call myself that. I have a lot to learn still. Thanks to those who work hard to provide this resource to folks like me. Thanks, Jesse
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